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My friend works in IT, and I asked him, How do you make a motherboard?

He said, I usually tell her about my job.

I was speaking to a computer technician.

"How do you make a motherboard?" I asked him.

He said, "Tell her about my job."

I tried teaching my mom how to build a PC

But all it did was make my motherboard

I was talking to a IT guy, and asked him, How do you make a motherboard?

He said, I usually tell her about my job.

I asked the IT guy at work, How do you make a motherboard?

He said, I usually tell her about my job.

Why did Jesus buy an AM4 motherboard?

Because Jesus has Ryzen.

Sorry everyone.

I asked my mother "why are the computers so smart?"

Mother: because they listen to their motherboard

Mother excited?



what does a baby computer call its parents?

data & motherboard.

What do you call two robots that share a motherboard?


My wife made it up. When I told her it doesn't make sense, she said that doesn't matter.

I'm sorry.

when I talk about computers

I make my motherboard

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While there's a motherboard, why isn't there a fatherboard?

Well I don't know, but I do know my professor recently installed a new blackboard, hopefully he'll use that to explain the answer.

"..., that are the ten reasons why motherboard are great"

What did the motherboard say to the software?

I'll show you who's DOS!

Where sends the motherboard her children to learn for life?

In a bootcamp.

While the worker was talking about computer parts

he made my motherboard

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