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I'm considering taking a position to translate old Mongolian poetry

The job has its prose and Khans

A Mongolian man tells his friend a story

When I came home late last night, I found my wife with another man. I was furious, and to hold myself back, I sat down and drank from a bottle that was left on the table. Then, I sang a song to cheer myself up. When I felt a little better, I looked around, and said to myself, 'Shit, this isn't my house,'.

Can a Mongolian make you laugh?

Genghis Kahn.

(No idea if this is an old joke or not. I told it in a dream I had last night so I'm claiming as original).

Mongolian joke, Can a Mongolian make you laugh?

I got an email from a Mongolian king...

I got an email from a Mongolian king, promising me millions and everyone warned me it was a con, but I was like "Yeah guys, I know it's a Khan. That's what a king from Mongolia is called."

How do Mongolians practice safe sex?

They use a khandom.

What do you call a Mongolian swindler?

A Khan artist.

A Chinese man stumbles home late one night really drunk...

Seeing his wife at the top of the stairs he says "hey baby how about a little number 69!"

The wife replies, "you drunk sonofabitch, make your own Mongolian Beef Stew!"

Mongolian joke, A Chinese man stumbles home late one night really drunk...

I wrote down what I thought about mongolian poetry

It has its prose and its Khans

As a Mongolian who just became a U.S. citizen...

I'm so proud to be an Ameri-khan

I'm ambivalent about Mongolian literature.

It has its prose and Khans.

I'm opening a floating restaurant on a houseboat where we sell ice cream tacos, and our mascot is a gorilla dressed like an ancient Mongolian warrior.

I call it "Attila Gorilla's Vanilla Tortilla Flotilla"

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An American, a Brit, a Canadian, a Dane, an Ethiopian, a Frenchman, a Greek, a Haitian, an Irishman, a Jew, a Kiwi, a Lithuanian, a Mongolian, a Nigerian, an Omani, a Peruvian, a Qatari, a Roman, a Scotsman, a Uruguayan, a Venezuelan, a Western Saharan, a xenophobe and a Zimbabwean walk into a bar

The bartender says
"Im sorry, but you can't come in here without a Thai"

I dated a Mongolian girl once

She was a real hoarder

What do you call an snobbish Mongolian ruler going down the stairs?

A condescending Khan descending.

What was the name of the Mongolian warlord's favorite cow?

Angus Khan

What did the Mongolians give out for Halloween?


Mongolian joke, What did the Mongolians give out for Halloween?

How do Mongolian tribesmen celebrate

They do the Khan Khan

My buddy makes counterfeit life-like paintings of Mongolian battle scenes

He's a real Khan artist.

The Mongolian conqueror who never shut up

Leksi Khan

I just finished reading a book on Mongolian literature.

It had its prose and khans.

How many Ancient Mongolian Warriors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None. They already burnt down your house.

What do you put on Mongolian Beef?

Tatar Sauce.

Me and some friends went to an event celebrating the best Mongolian leaders

It was a pretty great Genghis con

Why should you never buy Mongolian paintings?

Whoever sells them could be a Khan-artist.

Did you hear about the Mongolian Olympic wrestler?

He lost the gold medal due to premature jock elation. (all credit to /u/sasquatchiam, link in comments)

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