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Why were the Mongols always so happy?

They were nomads.

A Mongolian man tells his friend a story

When I came home late last night, I found my wife with another man. I was furious, and to hold myself back, I sat down and drank from a bottle that was left on the table. Then, I sang a song to cheer myself up. When I felt a little better, I looked around, and said to myself, 'Shit, this isn't my house,'.

Can a Mongolian make you laugh?

Genghis Kahn.

(No idea if this is an old joke or not. I told it in a dream I had last night so I'm claiming as original).

Mongol joke, Can a Mongolian make you laugh?

How did the Mongols get to Europe?

Steppe by steppe.

How did the Mongol empire become so large?

One steppe at a time

How do Mongolians practice safe sex?

They use a khandom.

What do you call a Mongol leader who swindles people out of their hard earned cash?

Ghengis Khan Man.

Mongol joke, What do you call a Mongol leader who swindles people out of their hard earned cash?

As a Mongolian who just became a U.S. citizen...

I'm so proud to be an Ameri-khan

What did the Mongols put on their Hamburgers?


[OC] My friends and I are starting a disco group. We'll dress as a Viking, a Mongol, a Caribbean pirate, a Bedouin raider, and a Spanish conquistador.

We call ourselves... The Pillage People.

Once there was a man who followed the Mongol hordes so that he could catch and sell the injured after battles.

He was a mangled Mongle monger

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What do you call a Mongol holding a Transformer?

A Decepti-Khan

What did the Mongol invaders say to the Hungarians when they suddenly appeared and attacked?

"Should have watched your steppe."

What do you call someone that draws Mongol leaders for a living?

A Khan Artist

What was the name of the Mongolian warlord's favorite cow?

Angus Khan

Did you know 1 in 200 men are directly descended from the leader of the Mongol Empire?

I was shocked too, but it made a lot more sense once I realized that back then there were no Genghis condoms.

Mongol joke, Did you know 1 in 200 men are directly descended from the leader of the Mongol Empire?

What did the Mongolians give out for Halloween?


How do Mongolian tribesmen celebrate

They do the Khan Khan

Genghis khan read a book about living in the Mongol empire

The books name was "Pros and Khans of living in the Mongol empire"

The Mongolian conqueror who never shut up

Leksi Khan

why where the mongols so succesful at conquering

because dschingis khan

Some say that the Mongols created the first iteration of the Ideal Gas Law.

After all, they were pneumatic experts.

What did the Irish man and the mongol woman name their child?

Lepre Kahn

How do you know when a mongol is level?

He's drooling from both corners of his mouth.

What did they say when the Mongol Empire collapsed?

Genghis Khan's gang is gone!

I filled the leader of the Mongol horde with dried beans...

And all I got was this maraca Khan

What do you call a Mongol with an infectious skin disease?

A leprekhan

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