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Three men were exchanging stories about their sexual activity with their wives.

The first man says: "I remember how the first night of my marriage went wrong. After the wedding, I went to bed where my wife was waiting for me. I had had a little too much to drink and was kind of fuzzy.
so after sex, out of habit, I handed her $50. That's when she slapped me and called me a whore monger."

"The same happened to me" said the other guy. "I had also drank more than I could handle, but I did what I had to do. After I fucked her, I handed her $60, she slapped me and didn't talk to me for a week"

"My situation was even worse" said the third guy.

"Why? How did she react?"

"I had downed more bottles than usual to celebrate my wedding and couldn't think straight. So after we had sex, I gave her a $100 bill."

"She slapped you too?"

"No. She gave me $30 in change."


Why did the fish monger cross the road?

Just for the halibut.


Once there was a man who followed the Mongol hordes so that he could catch and sell the injured after battles.

He was a mangled Mongle monger


what's dark, bushy and smells of fish.............

a fish monger passed out drunk in some bushes


What did the two blind guys say when they passed the fish monger?

Hello ladies.


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