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What do you call a tooth in a glass?

A one molar solution.

What do you call a two dentists that live on opposite sides of the world?

Molar opposites.

What's the difference between your dentist and a philosopher?

Your dentist helps you solve molar dilemmas.

People are saying Donald Trump is wearing dentures after he was slurring his speech yesterday.

I think this calls for a molar investigation.

What did Al Gore say when his third molar came through?

"Well that's an inconvenient tooth"

One of my molars just said I'm handsome.

I love having a sweet tooth.

Why did the chemist wear gloves to brush his teeth?

His mouth was 4 molar

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Molar joke, Why did the chemist wear gloves to brush his teeth?

What animal is endangered by tooth decay?

Molar bears!

What did Al Gore call his ingrown molar?

An Inconvenient Tooth

I had to take out a restraining order against my molar... was abscessed with me.

How do you measure the molar mass of guacamole?

With Avocado's Constant.

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What is a dentist's favorite animal?

A molar bear

Which kind of bear can chew the best?

A molar bear

What did the molar 1 say to the wisdom tooth?

Ouch! Move, oral get you extracted.

How do you tell the difference between a chemist and a dentist?

Ask them to define the world molar.

Where do moles go on Sunday mornings?

Molar mass.

Molar joke, Where do moles go on Sunday mornings?

I'm investigating the tooth fairy, and it's going well...

I've managed to get a molar into her operation. I'm going to find out the tooth at the root of all this.

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