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The mohel

After many years, a mohel had saved the foreskins from thousands of circumcisions and didn't know what to do with them so he brought them to his tailor. A couple weeks later, the tailor hands the mohel a wallet and the mohel, disappointed, says, "I give you thousands of foreskin and all you can make me is this wallet?!"
To which the tailor responds, " Yes, but rub it and it becomes a suitcase!"

Why does a Mohel(Jewish Circumciser) have to be good at his job?

He only works on tips

Two Jewish men are standing in the bathroom and peeing in adjacent urinals

the one to the right finishes doing his business, turns around, and says to his neighbor, Tell me, did Mohel Rabinovich do your bris [i.e. circumcision]? Yes, the other guy responds, how did you know?!!! Well, Rabinovich is a little cross-eyed and you are peeing on my shoes!

Mohel joke, Two Jewish men are standing in the bathroom and peeing in adjacent urinals

A man is walking down the street

When he notices his watch has stopped. Seeing a shop window filled with watches and clocks, he goes inside
My watch has stopped, could you take a look at it? He asks the man behind the counter.
Oh, I'm sorry. I don't work on watches. You see, I'm a Mohel.
What's a Mohel?
Well, a Mohel is a rabbi who performs the bris, or circumcision of a newborn boy.
Well then why do you have all those watches in your shop window?
What SHOULD I put in the window?

Some say we should end the practice of male circumcision

Personally I think they're making a mountain out of a mohel.

What is a fitting name for an arrogant mohel?

Hugh Bris

A Man Asks a Mohel if he Makes a lot of money.

"Well, no..." The mohel says.

"Then how do you make a living?" the man asks.

The mohel answers,

"Well, I don't have a wage, but I always keep the tips!"

Mohel joke, A Man Asks a Mohel if he Makes a lot of money.

Why did the mohel lose his job at the hospital?

He didn't make the cut.

Have you heard about the world's fastest Mohel?

They say he's a rip-off artist

What does a mohel and a waiter have in common?

They both make tips.

Did you hear about the mohel with no knife?

He was a ripoff.

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What did the mohel say at little Sigmund's bris?

"Looks like I've made a Freudian snip!"

As a mohel, I get big bucks...

and little tips.

Mohels don't get paid well.....

But at least they get the tips!

What profession gets the most tips?

The Mohel (the guy who does the circumcision)

The world's strongest man was asked to perform a circumcision.

They turned The Mountain into a mohel.

Mohel joke, The world's strongest man was asked to perform a circumcision.

I heard about this Mohel who did a circumcision while drunk ...

... he got the sack. He had developed a drinking problem, just couldn't cut it any more.

Question for Waitresses who have served a Mohel...

...Did they leave a tip?

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