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Funny Mohammad Jokes and Puns

What do you call a drunk Arab?

What do you call a drunk Arab?

What do you call a really drunk Arab?

What did the drunker muslim say to the drunk muslim?

I'm Mohammad than you

What do you call a drunk muslim?


What do you call a VERY drunk Muslim?


Mohammad joke, What do you call a drunk muslim?

Maths Question (Muslim version)

Question 1) If Mohammad has 3 apples and gives one to Hassan and one to Ahmed, what is the radius of the explosion?

Mohammad is a great name for a businessman

It's all about the prophet.

Why did Mohammad go to Medina whenever he had a question?

Because Medina had the Ansar

Jesus and Mohammad are debating religion.

Jesus, with a smug smile, says: "My faith can move the tallest of mountains."

Mohammad confidently replies: "How well does it do with skyscrapers, brotha?"

Mohammad joke, Jesus and Mohammad are debating religion.

The teacher asks little Jimmy...

Teacher:- "Jimmy, if you had five sweeties and little Mohammad asked you for one, how many sweeties would you have?"
Jimmy:- "Five"

What's the difference between prophet Mohammad and acne?

Acne doesn't come on a 6 year olds face

Did you know baby girls were buried alive before prophet Mohammad put a stop to it?

So he could marry them obviously.

What do you call an Arab investor?

The Profit Mohammad

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Why don't Muslims have 50/50 raffles?

Because you can't draw Mohammad.

Mohammad bin Salman is 33 making him, technically, a Millennial... now Baby Boomers can add "Journalists" to their list of "things Millennials are killing".

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