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[REQ] If this is allowed in this sub.

If not mods, please go ahead and delete.

Looking for a joke that involves a guy walking through an airport lounge and spots the Dalai Lama, a high level rabbi, an Iman, and some other religious leader.

I haven't the slightest recollection of even the gist of the joke. Was wondering if anybody's heard it? I did look online but got nothing.

Thanks for your time and courtesy.

How many Ellen Paos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None. The mods do that for her.

A note to the mods


Mods joke, A note to the mods

A Black Man and a White Man fall out of a tree... Who hits the ground first?

The White Man, of course...

Because the Black man was stopped by the rope.

p.s. Mods, please remove if inappropriate or whatever.

main difference between /news/ mods and north korea?

one side executes people for no reasons and puts people in detentions camps, the other one is a country.

Through voting, users determine what posts rise to the top of community pages and, by extension, the public home page of the site

...until the mods wake up.

I just got early access to the new Injustice:

Mods among us.

Mods joke, I just got early access to the new Injustice:

What is the worst about a being black AND Jewish?

Sitting in the back of the oven.

Sorry if this is considered extremely racist mods, please remove if you consider it to be!

3 dyslexic mods walk into a bra...


Did you know the Mods on this sub are actually cows? Evidence listed below.


What happened to the joke that insulted the mods?

People laughed, because it was a good joke.

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Two Mods walk into a bar...

And everyone PM's them on where their drinks are.

My Grandma Discovered an online knitting forum

She was upset the other day, apparently she used the *wrong thread* and the Mods banned her.

What is the mods favorite highway?

The autobahn.

Why are /jokes mods such good feminists?

They enjoy squashing things just as they're​ getting started. ;)

I told the mods about my idea to start a Harambe mega-thread.

But they shot it down.

Mods joke, I told the mods about my idea to start a Harambe mega-thread.

The mods banned /u/YouMakeMeHeh

3 mods walk in to a bar...

A note to the mods of this sub.

I tried to reserve for a new forum about car mods...

but it looks like the S&M community beat me to the punch!

In Need of a Pun

Alright, so I need help coming up with a spiderman-themed pun to ask a girl to Prom. I'm going to be holding a sign with the pun-loaded question while dressed as Spiderman. Help is greatly appreciated.

To keep the mods happy, I'll give you a joke:

A dyslexic bar walks into a man, bartender long face asks him "Why?"

I sent an email with the subject line "post" to the mods asking if this joke was new or not. The subject line of their response told me all I needed to know...


I mentioned in another thread how I was about to post a joke to /jokes

one of the mods asked, is it a common repost?

I said, No. Is that still required?

I was browsing a Vietnamese sub the other day...

The mods tried to kick me out, but I said "You can't Bahn mi!"

[OC] How are mods like bees?

They're not-Cs

[OC] How are mods like bees?

Both are not-Cs

a message to the mods

so this isn't really a joke but please lettuce make cabbage jokes.

What do communist dictators and mods have in common?

One blatantly pushes around their authority and silences all who ask questions, the other tries to run a Marxist country.

Every girl I get laid with says that you get laid everyday.

I am so bored of hearing this everyday. Still I dream for mods. (sorry for bad English)

What do traps and mods have in common?

They're both gay

Wait - what

Are the mods..

How many mods does it take to screw in a light bulb?


I just found out about these things called "mods" that can alter game files.

They're absolutely game changing.

What does a Reddit mod and a hipster have in common?

Mods self-isolated before it was cool.

I posted a joke about stoicism and the mods removed it.

I don't care anymore

Can one of the Mods please explain to me why my post was removed?

I'm really annoyed about this because now my fence has fallen over....

I can't believe that my joke about The Who and The Kinks wasn't approved.

I've obviously upset the mods.

[OC] Which road is most favourite of reddit mods ?

The Autobahn .

Reddit was planning to promote some food subreddits on the featured page.

One of the featured subreddits was supposed to be about chocolate fountains, but there was a big controversy, and they decided to find a replacement. A former substitute teacher who was fired from her job had started a subreddit about bar food.

The mods selected it as a replacement. The subpar sub's pub sub sub subbed superbly.

Why did Reddit mods take down Darwin's theory of evolution post?

The link was missing

Can the mods of this sub explain as to why my posts were removed?

Now my fence has fallen over….

Can one of the mods tell me why my post was removed?

It's annoying that my fence fell over.

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