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Best Short Mlk Jokes

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  1. Why do black people only have nightmares? Because we killed the one who had a dream.
    Happy MLK day
  2. From my gf Me: What are you planning on doing on MLK day?
    Her: I plan on sleeping all day
    Me: ...Why?
    Her: I want to have dreams too
  3. What's the difference between the FBI and the ClA? It's a difference of acronyms, you see.
    One killed MLK, while the other killed
  4. There's a lot of anger out there about the MLK speech/Dodge Ram Superbowl ad... Kylie Jenner should hand out some Pepsi to calm things down.
  5. In light of MLK day... African american culture has fought so hard not to have to sit at the back of the bus.
    But they still do anyway.
  6. White people are always butthurt about MLK day and black history month. They always say, "It'd be racist of we had a holiday." They don't understand we do.... Fathers Day.
  7. What's the difference between MLK day and St Patrick's day? Nobody minds being Irish for one day!!!!
  8. What's the difference between MLK day and St. Patty's day? On St Patty's day everyone wants to be Irish.
  9. If MLK were alive today... he'd be scratching at the lid of his coffin screaming, "Let me out! I'm not dead! Let me out! I'm alive!"
  10. MLK day I'm kinda surprised it's a national holiday. I mean, I love milk as much as the next guy, but jeez.

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Mlk One Liners

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  1. What would MLK do if he were alive today? Scream and claw at the top of his coffin.
  2. Best Buy's MLK Day sale Half off all black speakers, today only
  3. What's the easiest way to condense milk? Mlk
  4. Local store is having a MLK day sale Everything is 2/5ths off
  5. What do MLK, Elvis, and the Houston Oilers have in common? They all died in Tennessee
  6. What Did MLK Say When Asked If He Suffered From Jock Itch? I have a cream.
  7. What would MLK be if he was alive? White
  8. What did MLK say to the fishmonger? I have a bream.
  9. MLK had a dream Obama had hope

    Maybe someday we'll get one with ability
  10. Happy Milk day! Or as you hipsters call it MLK day!
  11. What has four legs and one arm? A K-9 unit on MLK Boulevard
  12. Haven't seen a king so upset since MLK had a dream! WARRIORS!
  13. Black actors boycott Oscars... No s**... or MLK movies this year.
  14. So you know how you don't dream when you smoke w**...? What if MLK smoked?
  15. How did you spend MLK day? I worked like a s**....

Mlk Day Jokes

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  • Why does MLK only get one day, while sharks get an entire week? I guess it's because they're great w**......
  • You know, it's funny how MLK only has a day while sharks get a whole week. It's probably because they're great w**....

Mlk Dream Jokes

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  • I'm gonna be celebrating MLK the only way I know how... By napping, because you can't have a dream if you aint sleeping.

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There are extreme biases everywhere you look these days, for example..

It's totally okay for everyone paint red freckles on their face for Saint Patrick's Day, but when I wear black face on MLK Day it's a hate crime.

Was volunteering in the library on MLK Day...

Was volunteering in the library on MLK Day behind the help desk when a black guy asks where the colored printers are.
I said, "it's MLK day 2018, you can use whichever printer you want!"

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