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What's Mitt Romney's favorite make of vehicle?

A Mack truck, because it already has a little dog on top.

Rick Santorum is claiming that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have teamed up against him...

Which is kind of ironic โ€” that Santorum can be brought down by two men forming a civil union.

Mitt Romney was in my dream last night...

Real dream. We were at the airport, and as we boarded the plane I turned to him and said "Aww, c'mon man, you named your plane Airforce 1%?"

Mitt joke, Mitt Romney was in my dream last night...

Why does Mitt Romney never win at Jenga?

Because he takes too much from the bottom and middle and gives it to the top.

Obama has suspended fundraising

Postby Jack Flash ยป Sep 22 2012
10:12:03 am
In light of Mitt Romney's recent
statements to the press, Obama has
Obama has suspended fund raising

In light of Mitt Romney's recent statements to the press, President Obama has decided to let Mitt Romney do his campaigning for him.

How did Mitt Romney get a 14% tax rate?

He claimed 47% of America as dependents.

A liberal, a conservative and a libertarian walk in to a bar.

Bartender says, what'll ya have Mitt?

Mitt joke, A liberal, a conservative and a libertarian walk in to a bar.

A liberal, a conservative and a moderate walk into a bar.

The bartender says "Afternoon, Mitt! What can I get for you?"

Political bar joke

A liberal, conservative, and moderate walks into a bar.

The hostess says "Hi, Mitt!"

How to describe Mitt Romney in two sentences.

I stand by what I said, whatever it is that I said.

I deny saying that, whatever it is that I said.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both on a sinking ship...

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both on a sinking ship; both of them are drowning. Who gets saved?!?

The answer: AMERICA!!!

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Mitt Romney has advised everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy to make their way to their 2nd or 3rd homes immediately.

No power.

Mitt Romney : "8 Million Americans still have no power."

Obama: "8 Million and one."

Finally, I have something in common with Mitt Romney?

We'll both never be president.

Sleeping with POTUS

The night before the election, Mitt Romney was very confident & told his Wife Ann; "...this time tomorrow night, you'll be sleeping with the
President of the United States". After Mitt's concession speech, they headed to bed. Ann was getting undressed when she asked,.." how does this work? Is Barrack coming over here or I'm supposed
to go over there?"

What type of milk does Mitt Romney use with his cereal?

The one percent

Mitt joke, What type of milk does Mitt Romney use with his cereal?

What's the difference between Mitt Romney and the former President of Mexico?

One is a fascist Mexican and the other is Felipe Caulderon

What kind of milk does Mitt Romney drink?


All of Donald Trump's wives are foreigners...

Turns out there really are jobs American's won't do.

Source: Mitt Romney's response to an interviewer's question.

I don't understand why people think Donald Trump is making republicans look bad...

Every time he speaks I appreciate Mitt Romney more and more.

Why were the new mittens so flirty?

Young gloves.

Donald Trump is the most unifying voice in American politics.

When was the last time Barack Obama, Paul Ryan, Jon Stewart, Glenn Beck, Bernie Sanders, George Bush, Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton all agreed on anything?

My wife told me if I kept making puns about my dark yellow glove then she'd leave me.

I told her I could see where she was coming from, even I found it annoying I mustard mitt.

A baseball pitcher is walking home...

after a long and exhausting game. Suddenly, bright lights appear in the sky directly above him, and a beautiful angel descends from above, wearing an umpire's mask and a catcher's mitt.

The pitcher looks up, gapes and thinks, "Heavens! She's so pretty."

Without skipping a beat, his shoulders slump back, his grin shines out of his mouth, he winks and says, "Hey baby. Wanna play some catch? Looking up at you makes me want to throw up."

What is it called when Mitt Romney and James Comey hang out?

A romcom.

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