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What did the biologist's sister say to her sister after she dropped a beaker on her foot...


What did the cell say to his sister cell when she stepped on his toe?


What's Kim Jong Un's favorite step of mitosis?

Nuclear division.

Mitosis joke, What's Kim Jong Un's favorite step of mitosis?

What did one cell say to his sister cell when he stubbed his toe?



I'll show myself out.

What did the cell say when his sister stepped on his foot?


What's the opposite of mitosis?

Your finger bro!

My sister stepped on my toe.

Me being a biology student , I shouted - MITOSIS

Mitosis joke, My sister stepped on my toe.


A girl is doing her homework and her little brother walks in. She asks him for help with a question and he refuses. Angrily she says "Just tell me what the division of two cells is and I won't hurt you". He still won't tell her so she stamps on his foot. "Tell me!" she yells "ouch! mitosis!."

what did the cell that got stepped on by it's sister say?


What is mitosis?

Those are the things on the ends of my feetsis.

Thought of this during my last bio exam.

Did you hear about the cells that got sent off to war after mitosis?

It's hard to believe they got diploid.

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What is formed at the end of mitosis?

My nailses

What did the biologist say when his sister asked him what his favorite part of his foot was?


My sister when through a phase where she spontaneously split down the middle making two identical copies. Now they are...

My one Sis and Mitosis.


My sister has always been fascinated with cell biology and she moved across state to attend a better college, moving her into her dorm we moved a dresser to benefit the small space she had and in doing so she dropped it on my foot. I yelled out MITOSIS!

(This is my first original joke be gentle)

Why do marketers in the human body employ meiosis over mitosis when making their advertisements

Because sex cells!

Mitosis joke, Why do marketers in the human body employ meiosis over mitosis when making their advertisements

Why are Biologists so obsessed with their own feet?

It's always Mitosis, Mitos-that

What did a cell say when it hit its toe?


What is the funnything about mitosis jokes?

Nothing. Every time one is said everyone splits.

When Your Sister Steps On Your Toe And It Splits Into Two.

Ow, Mitosis!

My mom's daughter said it looked like my foot was making a copy of itself

I told her that's mitosis

A cell bumps his toe on a door and yells for his sister's help. What did the cell say?


What's the similarity between cellular reproduction and when James Charles stubs his toe?

They're both Mitosis

A cell had his foot stepped on by his sister and he screamed....


*edited for wording

A brother and sister cell are playing and the boy cell had his foot accidentally stepped by his sister and he screamed...


My biology teacher stubbed his toe today and screamed..



Are on the ends of my feetsis

Stubbing my toe

Me: Ow, that hurts

Sister: What's wrong?

Me: Mitosis

What do cells say when their sister shoots their foot?


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