Mints Jokes

What are some Mints jokes?

I've invented a new game. You use small breath mints as playing pieces in the old-fashioned match-3-in-a-row game. I'd be happy to teach you my strategy for winning this game, but I'll have to charge you a small fee:

Call it a Tic Tac Tic-Tac-Toe Tactics Tax.

How do Hogwarts students keep their breathe fresh?

enchant mints

Without anyone's help, I created mints that each weigh 1/16 of a pound...

I make my own announcemints now.

Altoids has begun marketing to the LGBT community.

Their new mints are bi-curiously strong.

In the past I could get into a store with a penny and came out with 2 coke cans, 1 bag of chips and some mints, but not anymore...

...the store put cameras today.

I just don't understand Canadian mints...

They don't make any cents...

What can you say about a man who pops a couple tic tacs before beginning speaking?

He mints his words.

My boy asked me how to get a kiss on the first date. I told him to plan ahead and get some breath mints.

Tac Tics my son, Tac Tics

What do houses eat when their breath stinks?

Apart Mints

What do you use to kick a canister of mints?

your tic-tac toe

What if instead of a "morning after pill"....

They made a "right before pill" that you take before sex... And what if they tasted like mints so you had fresh breath for kissing too...
We could call them Pre-dick-a-mints.

Which candy is the angriest?

Temper mints.

Have you heard about the new mints?

They're real ICE BREAKERS

What would you call a store that sold only mints and gum?

Bad Breath and Beyond.

What do you call mints you can spread through social media?


What kind of mints have the most integrity?


A large wagon contaning menthol mints has crashed and shed it's load over the highway.

Police say there will be no congestion for at least the next 4 miles.

Sure, skinny jeans make you look skinny...

Just like thin mints make you look thin.

There are these mints that are supposed to calm your nerves.

They have jokes on the inside of the packaging. I guess the real joke...

Why did the man keep reloading the picture of the candy cane at the potluck?

He was in charge of refresh mints.

I used to think there were fig-flavoured mentos

but they were fig mints of my imagination.

Why are mints so smart?

Because mints make cents.

What do you call someone who sings about mints?

A "Minstrel".

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