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Top 10 Funniest Minorities Jokes and Puns

Why do they say all minorities look the same?

Because once you've seen Juan, you've seen Jamaul.

When are minorities not minorities?

When you look at crime statistics.

Three minorities walk into a bar

And we all know what they're like

Minorities have the race card, women have the gender card, homosexuals have the gay card, but what do discriminatory white men have?

The Trump card.

Clinton, Sanders, Trump and Cruz are having lunch together...

and they're discussing why each thinks they'll win.
"I have the support of women and minorities" says Clinton. "I have the support of intellectuals" says Sanders "I have the support of the average american tired of politics as usual" says Trump.
Cruz just smiles..."I have the support of the people in charge of programming the electronic voting machines"

They say Trump isn't appealing to minorities...

...but according to the latest polls, he's winning 100% of the Naive American vote

My biggest fear used to be dying alone

but thanks to Trump, I know it'll be in a camp, surrounded by other minorities.

Minorities joke, My biggest fear used to be dying alone

Women and minorities feel betrayed by Trump being elected...

Now they know how smart people felt with George Bush.

There's a new keyboard shortcut in GTA V which if you press it will cause your character to kill minorities.


Why won't the oak hire minorities?

Because it's discriminatree

A man walks into a bar

"Ow, they must have lowered this bar for minorities!"
"No, you just suck at limbo Steven."

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I just joined a gym for religious minorities.

Jehova's Fitness

It's weird Hollywood hates Trump

Considering Oscar is a tiny gold man that has historically overlooked minorities

TIL there's a cheat code in the PC version of GTA V which when you trigger it, will cause your character to kill minorities.


I want to stop all of the minorities

I think it's time to gang up on all the minorities

Minorities joke, I think it's time to gang up on all the minorities

Minorities play the race card. Women play the gender card. Homosexuals play the gay card. What's left for straight white men?

The Trump card.

Why aren't there any minorities in Belarus?

Because they're all white Russians

What do you call a band where all the members are minorities?

Hispanic at the disco!

Im gonna name my d*ck minorities

So I can beat minorities while staring down nearby children

People in Colorado keep saying minorities don't belong, but if they learned a little Spanish

They would see their state means colored.

Three Ks a day

Keeps the minorities away

I'm really sick of everyone saying Republicans don't care about minorities...

They're the only ones looking out for the 1%.

What do minorities have in common with Christmas decorations?

The Alt-Right wants them hanging from a tree and nobody to object to it.

Refugee minorities in Australia have complained...

...that there are not enough television shows with minorities in mind.

So Crime Watch is being shown 5 times a week now."

Choirs tend to be less picky when auditioning basses, since there aren't as many of them

Just another example of special treatment for vocal minorities

Minorities joke, Choirs tend to be less picky when auditioning basses, since there aren't as many of them

Did you hear about the Republicans' new initiative to buy glasses for minorities?

They're calling it "ethnic lensing."

Why do minorities hate math?

Because of inequalities

They tried to warn us, it's finally happening, minorities herding white people into camps.

Here in Oregon we call them "music festivals"

[A LITTLE SPICY] Why is Communism better than Fascism?

In Fascism, minorities suffer and are discriminated, while in Communism, everyone suffers!

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