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Back in the Sovjet days a guy wants to buy a car

The guy goes up to the counter at the Ministry of buying cars.

Guy: I would like to buy a car.

Clerk: Sure thing but it will take 10 years for processing your request. Come back then and your car will be ready for you.

Guy: Ok, morning or afternoon?

Clerk: Huh? what difference does it make, it´s 10 years from now?

Guy: Well, the plumber is coming in the morning.

Credit goes to Ronald Reagan

After years of saving up, a Soviet man finally has enough to buy a car....

He goes to the appropriate ministry and informs them that he would like to purchase a vehicle.

There are currently shortages, it will be three years before your car is available, the minister informs the man. We will have it sent to your house when it's ready.

"Three years," he responds. "What month?"

"August," says the minister.

"August? What day in August?" Asks the man.

"The Second of August," says the minister.

"Morning or Afternoon?" Asks the man.

"Why do you need to know?" Asks the minister, getting exasperated.

"The plumber is coming in the morning," the man responds.

Russian Elections

Ministry of Russian election announcement: Elections of Vladimir Putin will commence as planned in 2018.

The ministry of excessive resource usage called.

Seventy-three times.

Russian Ministry of public affairs has conducted study

In response to unfounded claims of servile population, we have assessed intelligence of our police forces. Test was simple. Participant must place object into corresponding place. Triangle into triangle place, circle into circle place...simple. Conclusion of tests has revealed two distinct groups of Russian police officer. Group A and group B. Group A is characterize as lacking necessary cognitive processing and inability to complete test. Group very strong.

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