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What's the difference between a coal mining company and catholic priests?

A coal mining company puts miners in shafts.

What's the difference between a priest and a chilean mining company?

One gets its miners stuck in shafts, and the other gets its shaft stuck in minors.

What's the difference between a Chilean mining company and a Catholic priest?

The Chilean mining company gets its miners stuck in a shaft. The Catholic priest gets its shaft stuck in a minor.

Hitler is speaking to his advisers...

He was surrounded by all of the lead managers and advisers of his entire Reich. His main adviser told him how amazing and efficient Germany was.

"All of ze industries are over performing and creating enough resources for ze new world. Except perhaps ze mining industry, sir. Zey are performing so vell, ve have TOO much ore! Should ve cut ze number of ores ve mine?"

Hitler thinks for a bit and agrees with "Yes, then ve shall mine less ore,"

Just then, another adviser barged into the room and yelled: "MINE FEWER!"

German Mining Company

German miner, "herr supervisor, we're working so many hours and we're so efficient that within a year we will run out of ore to mine."

Mine Supervisor, "this is a problem. A very bad problem."

Miner, "what do you suggest we do?"

Supervisor, "Mein Fuhrer."

Why was the dwarfs mining business so successful?

Because his overheads were very low.

My friend started a company that digs rocks and minerals..

He's just mining his own business.

How are Chile mining companies and catholic priests different?

Chile mining companies get their minors stuck in shafts while catholic priests get their shafts stuck in minors

I started a new job as a miner last week.

I had to quit because whenever I put my mining hat on I felt light-headed.

I ain't saying she's a gold digger. . .

But you don't buy a pickaxe and mining helmet on a whim

What do you get when you push a piano down a mining shaft?

A flat minor.

Girl, do you support the industrial mining of mountaintops?

Cuz I'm tryna get in Djibouti

What did the owner of the mining rig say to his workers after they blasted the rock and found gold underneath?

Wow this really blew up! Thanks for the gold!

Why dont you bother someone who is digging in his toilet?

Hes just mining his own business

An elderly prospector was mining for gold with his daughter, Anne.

He chipped away and mined the ore while she maintained the camp and washed and organized anything he found.

They had a system where any time she found something special, she would light a special red lantern to let him know.

She wasn't very good at identifying gold though, and often misinterpreted the shine from mica or quartz as the gleam of a gold nugget.

After the third time in a day that she lit up the red lantern to falsely notify him of a newly found nugget, he grew angry and yelled at her.

"God dammit! They're rocks, Anne. You don't have to put on the red light!"

I used to work for a mining company . . .

It was a boring job; just a slow daily grind.

I would find myself in a depression everyday; unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

One day, the whole drill got to be too dull and as I was about to do something to remedy the situation, everything started to crumble down around me.

I decided I needed to get out of there in a hurry.

So I went for a drink, but as luck would have it, everyone refused to serve a miner.

So a teddy bear got a job at a mine...

Once upon a time, there was a teddy bear, and that teddy bear got a job at a mine.

On his first day there, he got up in the morning, grabbed his pick, and did a good day of mining, then he went to sleep.

The next day, he got up, grabbed his pick, and did an even BETTER day of mining, then he went to sleep.

On his third day though, he got up in the morning, and his pick was nowhere to be found! He searched and searched and searched, but he could not find it anywhere! In fact, he wasted a whole day searching before he gave up and visited the foreman of the mine. When he asked his pick, the foreman looked at him and said Oh don't you know? Today's the day the teddy bears get their picks nicked!

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What do you call a 17 year old who has been mining his whole life?

A Veteran Minor.

Did you hear about the rapper who was in the mining accident?

Now every time he opens his mouth it's nothing but rock.

So I wrote a Musical

It was about a tragic coal mining operation ,unfortunately, the cave collapsed and the workers inside were killed.

I decided to write it in A flat minor.

How is the CopiapΓ³ mining accident and the Jared Fogle scandal the same?

In both cases some miners got screwed

Finally accepted to the Mining Hall of Fame!

I can't tell you how happy I am.

The Economy of fiber optics

ThereΒ΄s a presentation on Crypto mining on stage.

Presenter: In 15 minutes minutes we have mined, an incredible 10 bucks in gold.

Audience member Shouts: ThereΒ΄s more gold in Fiber optics than that.

(Oc) Today I met a child playing minecraft, with all the sound effects being a single note from a keyboard

A minor mining in A minor

I think I might go gold mining today...

Aurum just gonna stay at home and relax.

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