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007 recieves a new mission... to infiltrate a party and mingle.

His orders are to, "bond James, bond".

Once, a prince..

..decided to disguise himself and mingle with people to see their hardships by himself. There, he encountered a farmer who looked exactly like him. Curious, the prince approached the farmer and asked him "By any chance, did your mother work in the palace?"

The farmer replied, "No, but

My father used to work in the palace"

P.S.:This is an old Indian joke, I'm doing my best to translate it. Hope I can make some people smile:)

I finally broke down and joined Christian Mingle

My username is ComeGetPsalm

Mingle joke, I finally broke down and joined Christian Mingle

My buddy joined Christian Mingle... it's going pretty well,

He got nailed three times in one night.

If Sam McCringle can mingle with a single bag of Pringles in the time it takes to sing a single jingle, with how many Pringles did Sam McCringle mingle?

none... Pringles come in cans

Finally broke down and joined Christian Mingle.

My user name is: CumGetPsalmOfThisDick if you're looking for a good time.

If users on Tinder are (presumably) single and ready to mingle...

Does that mean users on Grindr are gay and looking to lay?

Mingle joke, If users on Tinder are (presumably) single and ready to mingle...

Donald Trump visits and old folks' home...

to mingle with the people and pick up a little good P.R. at the same time. He walks up to a sweet old lady in a wheelchair who smiles at him with an other wise blank stare.

"Do you know who I am ?" asks Donald Trump.

She responds, "No, but if you ask the desk, they'll tell you.

Why is it so hard for men to get on Christian Mingle?

Only women get a "SUBMIT" button.

looking for investors for my new specialty dating site

So I'm planning on taking advantage of the huge influx of specialty dating sites like farmers only or Christian mingle, etc... I'm starting a site exclusively for Indians. It's gonna be called, "Connect the dots."
(So who's in with me???)

What did Hitler say when he was forced to mingle with people of other races?

Ach, this is out of Mein Kampfert zone!!

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