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"Sir we're mining too many useless minerals."

Hitler: "Mine less then."
*grammar nazi bursts in*

"Mine fewer"

*Hitler looks over* "Yes?"


Grammer Nazi

"Sir we are mining too many useless minerals" (hitler scratches his chin in contemplation) Mine less then. (grammar nazi barges in) mine FEWER (hitler turns to the man) Yes? What do you need?


Hitler pun

"Sir, we're mining too many useless minerals."

Hitler: "So mine less."

Grammar Nazi busts in.

(Hitler looks up) "Yes?"


Someone asked me about minerals that are long term contributors to lung cancer the other day,

I just answered asbestos I could.


My friend started a company that digs rocks and minerals..

He's just mining his own business.


Why can't you purchase minerals by the gallon?

They only come in quarts(z)


If minerals were people, who would be the poorest?

Stibnite, because it's antimony.


A Engineer, a Chemist and an Economist get stranded on a island.

From the ship that crashed, some canned food washed ashore.

The Engineer says We need to open the cans with these rocks

The Chemist says We could blow the top off using a combination of these minerals I've found

The Economist says Ok, so let's assume we have a can opener


"Sir, we're mining too many useless minerals!"

Trump: "Mine less then"

Grammar nazi bursts in and says: "mine fewer"

Trump turns his head and says: "Yes?"

Credits to u/luckyloot98 I changed their joke a bit.


Where do you get bare minerals from?

A strip mine


I'm a geologist that specializes in the resonating frequencies of different minerals.

I'm staging a rock concert later if you want to come.


How many rocks did Hank Schrader have in his collection by the end of Breaking Bad?

None, they were all minerals.


A couple called our company to remove some cancerous silicate minerals in their insulated home

I'll try to remove them Asbestos I can


Whose underground shaft should we dig for minerals in?



I have an obsession with polishing minerals!

I hope that('s) crystal('s) clear


Hey babe, do you like rare minerals?

'Cause i can give you some dicktonite.


Due to growing environmentalist concerns, Germany and Austria decided to limit the amount of ores and minerals they were extracting from the ground.

They said, "Mine fewer!"


Why did Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have to change his diet?

Because his nutritionist said he had too many minerals in his system!


Eating a rock is actually good for you.

It's full of minerals!


How can you tell if you're on a Starcraft diet?

Not enough minerals.


I hate people who trade with minerals

They take everything for granite


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