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Did you hear the one about the guy who hated coal?

Never mined.


Have you heard the one about the untouched coal pit?

Never mined.


What did the woman do that found gold in her vagina?

She mined her own business.


An elderly prospector was mining for gold with his daughter, Anne.

He chipped away and mined the ore while she maintained the camp and washed and organized anything he found.

They had a system where any time she found something special, she would light a special red lantern to let him know.

She wasn't very good at identifying gold though, and often misinterpreted the shine from mica or quartz as the gleam of a gold nugget.

After the third time in a day that she lit up the red lantern to falsely notify him of a newly found nugget, he grew angry and yelled at her.

"God dammit! They're rocks, Anne. You don't have to put on the red light!"


My father was a commercial miner his whole life, but he only mined silver and gold. On his deathbed, I asked him what his favorite metal to mine was... he said

Either ore.


Who has mind stone

Minecraft Steve, because he has mined stone


What material should you never use to create or build with?

Tin that was mined by moles. Anything you make with it melts immediately.


My liberal friends really love their new iPhone.

Made by kids in China, from rare metals, mined by slaves, from a company that pays no tax.


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