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Funniest Mildly Short Jokes

Short mildly jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The mildly humour may include short slightly jokes also.

  1. Ha - mildly amusing Haha - laughing
    Hahaha - saracstic laughing
    Hahahaha - Staying Alive
  2. [Mild Infinity War Spoiler] Did you guys see Peter Dinklage in the new Avengers film? It was his biggest role to date.
  3. After a night of drinking, John walks into a metal bar The music was great and he hooks up with a beautiful blonde.
    He awakes at the hospital with a mild concussion.
  4. Laughing scale Ha – Mildly amusing
    Haha – Funny
    Hahaha – Sarcastic laugh
    Hahahaha – Stayin alive
  5. A friend tried to trip me up in an Indian restaurant, failed, and fell face first in to someone's mild chicken dish. I call it instant korma.
    I don't care if you like it, I can tikka or leave it.
  6. A joke that is mildly racist How.come there were only 1800 Mexicans at the Alamo?
    Because they only had two pickup trucks
  7. Mildly racist! Why do all black people have white palms? There is a bit of good in everybody.
  8. Warning about new batch of "ice" Police are warning drug users about a diluted, mild version of ice doing the rounds. They are calling it "crystal meh".
  9. Even though the country is called iceland, its winters are actually quite mild. Guess they should have called it Chile
  10. Man walks into Starbucks Not too experienced with the ordering process, he says " I"ll just have a mild roast".
    The barrista says "you have very average ears"

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Mildly One Liners

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  1. Chuck Norris has died. He has since recovered from this mild inconvenience.
  2. I like my Jesus like I like my chicken strips... Tender and mild
  3. A very tall and handsome man walks into a bar and suffers a mild concussion.
  4. What do you call taco sauce protectors? Mild Protective Services
  5. What happens when a DJ is playing a song with a small bass drop? The crowd goes mild.
  6. I like my Holy Infants the way I like my chicken wings.., Tender and mild.
  7. What do you call it when someone is mildly polite in space? Comet courtesy
  8. Did you hear about the mildly popular group sketch artist? He drew a small crowd.
  9. A guy walks into a bar -- and sustains a mild concussion.
  10. Lou Reed really doesn't like spicy stir-fries. He always takes his wok on the mild side.
  11. Jared Fogle went from having a mild cholestrol problem To a child molestrol problem
  12. I Have A Addiction To Cheddar Cheese Don't Worry, It's Only Mild
  13. Dyslexia I'm glad my dyslexia is mild enough that I can still dear.
  14. The substance was mildly acidic on the pH scale It was a solid 5/7
  15. Would you be mildly disappointed if Drew Barrymore didn't introduce herself as… IMDB?

Mildly joke, Would you be mildly disappointed if Drew Barrymore didn't introduce herself as…

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p**... and m**... take a short cut home across a farmers field

p**...: "Ahhh, m**... look: there's a flock of Cows in the next field"
m**... says: "Herd of Cows, p**...... Herd of Cows"
Mildly infuriated, p**... replies:
"Of course I've heard of Cows, m**...: there's a b**... flock of them in the next field!!"

I had a meeting with my son's headteacher.

I slammed my hand on the desk. "My son...Nick...came home from school with ash on his clothes. He seemed mildly stimulated, too."
"Nicotine?" he asked me.
I said, "Not even that, he's twelve."

A magic show...

Two friends, Bob and Hank, are watching a magician perform. Mildly amused by the standard tricks and illusions they have seen so far, their attention perks up when they see the beautiful assistant come out from behind the curtain for the saw the lady in half trick. As she is climbing into the box, Bob leans over and whispers, That's some hot broad. I'd ask her out, wouldn't you?
Nah, Hank says, I'd probably get the half that eats.

A guy goes to a doctor

"Hello" says the doctor. I'm afraid I've got some bad news and some really bad news.
the guy, who's mildly panic stricken asks "whats the really bad news?"
The doctor says: you've got a day left to live
"And just the bad?"
The doctor says "the clock on the wall is 40 minutes slow, but I should've told you 23 hours ago.

Why do they only shoot clay pigeons?

Because you shouldn't shoot the messenger!
(Groan, although I'm mildly proud of this)

As I watched the gorilla b**... against the glass I started to become mildly scared.

Standards have really dropped at the Red Light District.

I'm clicking on this post now.

I think it's mildly humorous how this joke is written in the first person, so I'll leave an upvote because I feel obliged to do so.

(Generic title that catches your attention)

(Mildly amusing pun)

Have you heard of the mildly epileptic trap artist?

He had a lil seizure.

What do you call a mildly aggressive but angsty orange vegetable?

A beta carrot teen.

You know there isn't anything even mildly interesting when hockey is all over the front page

Really there isn't anything to talk about but hockey...😭

A man bets his friend he can mildly irritate everyone by saying and doing nothing.

What happened to the gay wizard? (mildly offensive maybe)

He went off with a p**....

Mildly joke, What happened to the gay wizard? (mildly offensive maybe)