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  1. Did you know the host of the Discovery Channel's show Dirty Jobs has 2 degrees? In Mike Rowe Economics and Mike Rowe Biology.
  2. I designed a game where you play as Mike Rowe going shopping. But it didn't sell very well because of all the Mike Rowe transactions.
  3. I shrunk my pet bird and made him watch Dirty Jobs I made my crow watch Mike Rowe while micro.
  4. What is it called when the Dirty Jobs Host checks out at a grocery store? Mike Rowe Transaction

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  1. Why did the producer of Dirty Jobs get fired? He was a Mike Rowe manager.
  2. What do you call it when someone is angry on a dirty job? A Mike Rowe aggression.
  3. My manger said I need some micromanaging. He doesn't even look remotely like Mike Rowe.
  4. How does Mike Rowe cook his dinner? He waves.
    [Mike Rowe waves](#spoiler)
  5. Who is the smallest TV show host? *Mike Rowe*
  6. What do you call a paycheck from a dirty job? A Mike Rowe transaction.
  7. What do you call the "Dirty Jobs" guy beating someone up? A Mike Rowe Aggression
  8. Mike Row lost his e**... Now he's Microsoft

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A certain TV station was a hosting a contest and I happened to be the first caller

The host said, "Congratulations on being our first caller, all you have to do is answer the following question correctly, to win our grand prize."
"That's fantastic!" I shouted in delight.
"Feel confident?" she asked. "It's a basic maths question."
"Well, I've got a master's in mathematics" I proudly replied.
"Ok then, to win our grand prize of 2 front row seats for Donald Trump's speech and to meet him back stage, followed by dinner with Mike Pence....
What is 2+2?"
I replied, "767.37"