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Yeah, it IS true that migrants do the jobs you don't wanna do.

Like being a suicide bomber.

The government have announced new measures to stop migrants from getting into England

Henceforth, Chelsea fans will be in charge of security at Calais.

Migrants are no longer welcome in the Greek island of Lesbos...

as some people munched up the red carpet.

We need to build a wall between the US,

and Canada to keep the migrants in...

I was speaking to a group of the migrants from Central America. I asked them how they felt about a wall between Mexico and the United States.

They told me they would get over it.

According to reports... The 7,000 migrants are being lead by a man named


Up to 3,000 migrants were rescued in boats fleeing African countries on Monday

They were quickly given access to life jackets, emergency blankets, and Pokemon GO.

What causes erosion?

Syrian migrants.

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