Microbiologist Jokes

What are some Microbiologist jokes?

Met a microbiologist this morning

He was bigger than I expected.

Did you hear about the famous microbiologist who traveled to dozens of countries and learned to speak several languages?

He was a man of many cultures.

Thought of this while making breakfast.

What did the microbiologist bring to the art fair?

A cup of yogurt.

I saw a microbiologist today.

He was much bigger than I imagined.

A microbiologist went over to his colleague at the bar and said...

'I see you are also a man of culture.'

Did you hear about the microbiologist who travelled around the world?

He was a man of many cultures

Did you hear about the microbiologist who tore his pants?

He had to abandon his experimments to focus on some jean splicing.

What do you call a Microbiologist who travels the world?

A Man of many Cultures

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