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Michael Phelps is officially the winningest Olympian of all

he deserves a medal or something.

Why can't Michael Jackson play chess?

Because he is dead.

Why does Michael J. Fox make the best milkshakes?

Because he uses only the highest-quality ingredients.

Mich joke, Why does Michael J. Fox make the best milkshakes?

What is Michelle Obama's favorite vegetable?


What do Michael Jackson and Santa have in common?

They both leave little boys rooms with lighter sacks.

Why doesn't Michael J Fox have an Etch-a-Sketch?

He's too old to play with toys

What is Michael Jackson's favorite piano chord?


Mich joke, What is Michael Jackson's favorite piano chord?

How does Michael J. Fox like his martinis?


I only have one Michael Jackson album

it's Bad

I saw Michael J. Fox in a gardening centre the other day...

He had his back to the fuchsia.

Why did Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL player, say he doesn't shop at Sports Authority?

Because he prefers Dick's.

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A Michael Sam joke

After being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam celebrated by kissing his boyfriend. This is historic because it's the first time anyone has celebrated being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. - Conan O'brien


On Halloween, a man shows up to his friend's costume party in the nude carrying a woman on his back. His friend answers the door and shockingly asks, "what are you supposed to be?!"

The man says, "I'm a snail."

With an obvious look of disdain on his face, his friend asks, "well, who is she?"

The man answers, "Michelle."

What did Michael Jackson almost name his daughter?


How are Michael Jackson and Starfish Tuna similar?

They both come in little cans.

Michael Brown's family just wants their voices to be heard.

They are tired of being shot down.

Mich joke, Michael Brown's family just wants their voices to be heard.

What is Michael Bay's favorite move in chess?


Why can't Michael J. Fox draw a perfect circle?

Nobody can.

What would Michael Jackson be doing if he were alive right now?

Probably clawing at the inside of his coffin.

What does Michael Jackson have in common with a second place racehorse?

They both came in a little behind.

Michael J. Fox asked James Bond to come over for dinner one night.

Being a polite host, he offered Bond a drink when he arrived. "What'll ya have?" he asked.

"I'll have a Martini," Bond replied.

"How do you want it?" Michael J. Fox asked.

"Shaken, not stirred."

"Oh, thank God."

How did Michael Jackson pick his nose?

From a catalogue.

ba dum tss

Why did Michael Jackson call Boys 2 Men?

He thought they were a delivery service

Why Won't Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Take Any Flint Tap Water With Him Overseas In Order To Stick To His Promise That He'd Drink It For A Full Month...?

Because he can't get it through the airport metal detectors.

How do you get a Michigan girl into an elevator?

How do you get a Michigan girl into an elevator?
Grease her hips, and throw in a Twinkie.

Do you think Michael J Fox....?

Do you think Michael J Fox ever gets an answer out of an 8-Ball?

What do Michael Jackson and Walmart have in common?

They both have little boys' jeans half off.

What do Michael Jackson and Mcdonalds have in common?

They both stick their meat between 13yo buns.

Why did Michael Jackson call Boyz II Men?

Because he thought it was a delivery service.

Michael Jackson is the epitome of the American Dream

Only in America could a poor, black boy become a rich, white woman

Why wasn't Michael Jackson allowed to perform at the children's hospital?

Because he is dead.

^((I came up with this joke when I was very tired.))

Michelle Obama gave a great speech last night

I can't wait to hear it again at the next Republican National Convention.

Michael Phelps is such a good swimmer...

He was conceived anally

What is Michael Bay's favorite phone?

Note 7

What was Michael Jackson's favourite musical key?

A Minor

Why does Michael Jackson shop at k-mart.

Because little boys pants are half-off.

Sorry I know this joke is too old to be one of his victims

and I know it is bad taste to make fun of the dead.

RIP K-Mart you will be missed.

What is Micheal Bay's favorite phone?

The Galaxy note 7

What do Michael Jackson and caviar have in common?

They both come on little white crackers.

Michael Jackson is walking out from the operating room after his wife gave birth to their son.

Michael says "Hey Doc how long till we can have sex?" The Doctor says "At least wait till he is walking Michael!!"

Michael Jackson should have become a guitar player.

He loved fingering minors.

how come Michael J. Fox can make such good milkshakes?

because he is rich and can afford high quality ingredients!..

Why did Michael Jackson like twenty nine year olds?

There's 20 of them

Michael Jackson should have opened a clothing line for pants.

He could have called it Billie Jeans.

Those prices are THRILLER!
No one can BEAT IT!

Kids pants would be half off there.

Why is Michael Phelps better than Hitler?

Michael Phelps can actually finish off a race.

Why doesn't Michael Flynn wear glasses?

Because he has Russian contacts.

Michael Stipe has died but so far only two people know.

That's me n' the coroner.

What's Michael Jackson's favorite painting?

The Sha-Mona Lisa.

Why does Michael J. Fox make really good milkshakes?

Because he's rich and can afford the best ingredients

Michigan is leading in rates of both marital infidelity and depression.

It's a sad state of affairs.

What is Michael Jackson's preferred pronoun?


Michael Jackson is a lot like caviar.

They both come on little crackers.

What was Micheal Jacksons favourite chord to play around with?

A Minor.

Just saw the Michael Jackson documentary

I didn't realize how many kids were butt-hurt after Leaving Neverland

What's Michael Jackson's favourite chord?

A minor.

What did Michael Jackson say to the boy in bed?

Just beat it

What was Michael Jackson's favorite constellation?

Insida minor

What's Michael Jackson's favourite narcotic?


What is Michael Jackson's favorite lunchtime meal?

Grilled Chee-heese

Michael Phelps is in bed with his wife and in the mood. Phelps gives her 'the look' and says "C'mon baby, I'm ready to go for the gold."

Phelps' wife sighs a bit and says "How about you go for the silver tonight and let me come first for once?"

Why did Michael Jackson go to K-Mart?

He heard Boys pants were half off.

Why did Michael Jackson place a phone call to Boyz-2-Men?

He thought it was a delivery service.

Why was Michael Jackson bad at chess?

He couldn't decide if he was black or white.

What do Michael Jackson and USA have in common?

They both desperately wanted to be white. And the last great thing they did was a moon walk.

Michael takes an exam

Michael is taking an exam at his school. All questions are True or False questions. He hasn't studied so he decides to answer all his questions by flipping a coin.

Once the time is up, The teacher collects everyones exams but notices that Michael is still working. The teacher asks why he's still flipping the coin. Michael replies by saying I was just checking my answers.

Think I saw Michael J Fox at the garden centre this morning

Can't be sure though, he had his back to the fuchsias

What's Michelle Obama's favourite vegetable


Michigan Lawyer: "Well Barney, so you want me to defend you? Have you got any money?"

Barney: "No sir. I ain't got no money, but I do get a 1928 Ford Car!"

Lawyer: "Well you can raise money on that. Now let's see, just what do they accuse you of stealing?"

Barney: "A 1928 Ford Car."

Michael Jackson and Jeffrey Epstein walk into a bar...

...and walk right out because it's 18+

What does Michael Jordan and Melania Trump have in common?

The both made a fortune playing with orange balls

Why can't Michael Jackson go within 200m of a school?

Because he's dead

What do Michael Jackson and the Berlin Wall have in common?

They were both really big in the 80s, and then bits started falling off of them.

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