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  1. TIL that dinosaurs used hot springs to take baths But as time advanced they moved onto meteor showers.
  2. Chuck Norris does not cleanse himself with your everyday shower.
    He uses Meteor Showers.

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Meteor Shower One Liners

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  1. My girlfriend likes golden meteor showers (I have kidney stones)
  2. Friends invited me to a meteor shower party, but I couldn't make it. They were crushed.
  3. Yo mama so fat, the only way she gets clean is during a meteor shower
  4. How do you clean a planet of dinosaurs? Give it a meteor shower.
  5. Would you like to go see a meteor shower? What are you some kind of pervert?!?
  6. A meteor shower destroyed the Red Cross headquarters. All Perseids went to charity.
  7. I tried to watch the meteor shower last night I got called a pervert
  8. Yo mama so dumb, she brought a gift to the meteor shower.
  9. How do aliens get clean? With a meteor shower!
  10. Yo momma so fat, when shes falling out the sky, people thought it was meteor shower.
  11. Chuck Norris takes a meteor shower in the morning to freshen up.
  12. Why do meteor showers always seem to happen on weekends? They work the rest of the week
  13. How would the n**... have killed the dinosaurs? With meteor showers.

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