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Why do space rocks taste better than Earth rocks?

Because they're a little meteor

My dad is a pilot and he told me this joke.

Two pilots are sitting in the cockpit, talking, when they realize they are flying over a huge crater.
"Wow, what a beautiful sight," says the first pilot.
"It is, isn't it?" the other pilot replies.
Then a flight attended joins them.
"Sir, what are we flying over?" she asks the first pilot.
"It's a crater. A meteor crashed into the earth and left that giant hole."
"Wow," replies the flight attendant. "And what's that building right next to it?"
"That's the visitors center," the second pilot says.
"Phew," she says. "They really got lucky, didn't they?"

Rihanna's take on the meteor

A massive meteor has hit Russia injuring hundreds, Rihanna insist that the meteor has changed and deserves a second chance.

Meteor Meatier joke

God: Hey Angel, did you give the dinosaurs more muscle like I asked? I asked you to make them meatier.

Angel: Make them… a meteor.

My girlfriend likes golden meteor showers

(I have kidney stones)

The Worst Natural Disaster

So, all the natural disasters took a vote to see which one was the worst.

* Hurricane blew the others away.
* Earthquake shook things up pretty badly.
* Flooding was a bit of a wash.
* Blizzard almost buried the rest.
* Sinkhole's campaign totally collapsed.
* Meteor made a deep impact.

But in the end, Avalanche won by a landslide.

Friends invited me to a meteor shower party, but I couldn't make it.

They were crushed.

Why do people prefer shooting stars to vegetables?

Because they're meteor

iPhone users, don't bother sending the Meteor emoji to your Android friends...

...It won't have the same impact.

Meteorologists have recently reconfigured the 5 categories of hurricane.

Number 5 will blow you away.

How can you tell if a hamburger was grilled in space?

It's a little meteor.

What's the difference between a meteor and a meteorite?


Sorry, a kid said this in elementary school and it was funny back then :)

Meteorologists have forecast snow throughout the US for the entire year of 2018

Flake news

Why is the moon tastier than Earth?

It's meteor.

Why did the Earth smell so bad after the meteor hit it?

Because afterwards the dinosaurs were all egg stink.

How do you clean a planet of dinosaurs?

Give it a meteor shower.

Why did the meteorologist bring a bar of soap to work?

He was expecting showers.

TIL that dinosaurs used hot springs to take baths

But as time advanced they moved onto meteor showers.

Would you like to go see a meteor shower?

What are you some kind of pervert?!?

How do meteorologists get paid?

Rain checks

A meteor shower destroyed the Red Cross headquarters.

All Perseids went to charity.

Why did god kill all the herbivore dinosaurs?

He liked his salads a little meteor.

Last time i had sex was just like the time a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs...

it happened so long ago ive forgotten the details.

Why do meteorogists

always try to pick up women at a bar?

They like the low pressure environment.

I voted for Giant Meteor for 2016

Guess I'll just hope for another.

How are meteorologists like guys on Tinder?

They promise you 12+ in, but you only get 4.

Inspired by today's "storm" in New England. Stay safe out there!

How can you tell if a piece of meat was cooked in space?

It's more meteor.

What did the dinosaur say to the meteor?

Com-et me bro

If a meteor goes to a restaurant,

Would he prefer his sandwich to be vegan, or even meteor?

Why did the comet want a hamburger and not salad?

Because it was meteor

I tried to watch the meteor shower last night

I got called a pervert

Why does an asteroid taste better than a comet ?

Because it's meteor

Why is it so hard to colonize space?

Because of meteor rights

What did the meteorologist use as his stage name when he rapped at the Open Mic Night?

Heavy Drizzle.

Why didn't the meteorologist like the movie?

Because it was anti-climate-tic.

I hope Elon Musk sent the Tesla to space with some change.

He'll need some way to pay the parking meteor.

Yo mama so dumb,

she brought a gift to the meteor shower.

How do you organize a party in space?

You planet.

How do you tone down a party in space?

You comet.

How do you see a girl at the party?

You meteor.

Did you know you can crack open a meteor like an egg?

Of course you can, the real yolk is always in the comets.

Why are sandwiches better in space?

They are always a bit METEOR!

My wife said she didn't enjoy her asteroid burger.

She said it could have been a little meteor.

Why did a meteorite fall in Chelyabinsk?

The last COBOL programmer lived there.

Meteorology class was cancelled due to snow today, so I stayed home to practice tying a rope.

I promised myself even if I can't go to school, I will learn weather or knot.

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