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With how messed up 2020 and the world has been lately...

It's great to see Donald Trump so positive.

I messed up during a guitar recital.

I didn't think it was a big deal, bit it turned out to a A Major mistake...

I messed up while sexting with Kim Jong Un.

"Send Nukes"

Messe joke, I messed up while sexting with Kim Jong Un.

What's the most messed up trap for Santa?

A Nicolas Cage.

What did the messed up psychologist have for dinner?

Freud rice.

Somebody messed up my small weighing scale.

I was like 0MG!

I messed up my foot pretty bad.

The doctors said it would take a while to heel.

Messe joke, I messed up my foot pretty bad.

I messed up planning my New Year's party

I guess you could say I dropped the ball.

I messed up my pancakes this morning and they turned out super thin...

They were really crepe-y.

I messed up today by sending a picture of my junk to everyone in my contact list.

Cost me a fortune in stamps too.

Don't know what's messed up, that Neandrathal is an anagram of Netherlands

or my spelling ability.

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I'm not sure how messed up this is.

What did Bill Cosby say when he was asked about the child abuse claims?

Kids say the darnedest things.

You know you've *really* messed up when:

Even Fox News doesn't want you around

I've messed up, I'm gonna be arrested for crimes against light...

I'm gonna be sent to the state prism!

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