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The Best Merge Puns

Malaysian Airlines and United should merge

That way they can beat their passengers and no one will ever find out.

One day Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will merge.

It will be called YouTwitFace.

Progressive and Allstate decided to merge and become one company

They're now called "Prostate"

San Diego Comic Con and Dragoncon are going to pull their resources and merge into one event.

But it was called off because no one was happy with the con fusion.

There is going to be a merger between FedEx and UPS..

Yep, they're going to be called "FedUp"

What do you get when 2 leftists get together?

3 political parties: one Communist, one Socialist, and a third founded in an attempt to merge the first two.

Federal Express is to merge with United Parcel Services

The resulting company will be called Federal United Parcels

Or FedUp for short

***Breaking News*** UPS and FedEx set to merge this Friday!

...They're going to call it: FedUp

Xerox and Wurlitzer are going to merge...

They're going to market reproductive organs.

Did you hear the news that UPS and Fed-ex are going to merge?

They're going to be called Fed-UPS.

There are rumours big Canadian banks Scotia and TD may merge...

giving Canada one giant STD

What do you get when you merge human DNA whale DNA?

Kicked out of Sea world, apparently.

Why didn't Stop and Shop merge with A&P

Because they would've had to call it Stop&P

It didn't go well with the stockholders

What do you get when Disney and Fox merge?

20th Century Mouse.

[OC] Is your mom an oligarchy?

'cause I'm about to merge with her.

A biologist tried telling me how they merge the DNA of exotic birds....

but it was tooconfusing

A classic Woody Allen stand-up line: the political magazines Commentry and Dissent have decided to merge

They're gonna call the new magazine "Dissentary" ....

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