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I went to a restaurant and they asked me "Do you mind waiting a bit?"

"Not at all", I replied.

"Good", they said, while handing me some menus. "Take these to Table 11."

So i just ate at this new restaurant called Karma

They don't have menus, they just give you what you deserve.

Have you guys seen Paula Deen's new restaurant menus?

They only serve crackers.

There are 2 types of restaurants...

Good restaurants, and restaurants with kids menus.

A blind man goes into a restaurant

They don't have any braille menus, so he tells the waitress "Just bring me a dirty fork. Whatever I smell on it, I'll order."

So the waitress goes and grabs a fork from the sink, not knowing that another waitress had just used it to scratch her behind. She hands it to the blind man who sniffs it and says, "I didn't know Rachel worked here!"

Why did the waiter delay until after converting English menus to Spanish to announce they weren't the gender everyone thought?

Because they were happy to serve as trans later.


Did you hear that McDonald's is rolling out braille menus at their drive throughs?

It was a little touch and go at first, but now it's just getting out of hand...

Those stickers of families you see on the back of mini-vans are like menus..

For sexual predators.

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