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I'm sick and tired of this "everybody wins" mentality kids have these days.

Seriously, they never exercise, lie in bed 12 hours a day, and sit down far more often than they stand up. And they still get atrophy.

I just finished the book my friend gifted me on herd mentality.

But I haven't read the reviews yet so I don't know if I like it.

For those who don't understand why management at Netflix has collectively s**... the bed.

It's a Heard mentality.

The News About the Giant Hornets is Actually Good for Reddit

They can m**... the hive mentality

I'm tired of this one night stand mentality in college...

I have multiple lamps and alarm clocks, I need at least two night stands.

Some day I have a victim mentality

But it's not my fault

Why do cooks bond so well?

Heard mentality.

White people who are racist are dispicable

Their mentality is more reminiscent of black behaviour than white behaviour

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