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Why was the Amish girl excommunicated?

Two Mennonite

-Christopher Hitchins

What is an Amish woman's biggest fantasy?

Two Mennonite.

(This joke is literally a hundred years old and makes me chuckle every time I get to tell it. Probably a repost. Don't care.)

Did you hear about the lady with a kink for Amish men but was only into threesomes?

She had two mennonite!

Mennonite joke, Did you hear about the lady with a kink for Amish men but was only into threesomes?

Did you hear about the married Amish woman having an affair?

She loved two Mennonite.

What does it take to please an Amish woman?

Two Mennonite.

Amish Hooker

What's an Amish Hooker do?

Ten Mennonite!

(Mennonite link on the front page made me think of this one.)

Why did the Amish woman get pregnant?

Because she was seeing too many Mennonite.

Mennonite joke, Why did the Amish woman get pregnant?

Amish jokes

Have you heard about the promiscuous Amish lady?
She had two Mennonite

I had the Amish flu last week. At first I got a little horse. Then I got a little buggy... but yesterday I got butter

What do all Amish women want?

2 Mennonite.

How do you please an Amish woman?

3 Mennonite...

Why was the Amish prostitute shunned?

Because she was up to three Mennonite.

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Saw some Mennonites playing Baseball yesterday

All I saw was a swing and Amish

Why was the Amish girl ex Communicated?

Two Mennonite

How much business does an Amish prostitute get?

Ten Mennonite

How many Mennonites does it take to change a light bulb?

Seven - one to actually change the bulb and six to complain that they liked the old one better.

Why was the Amish girl kicked out of her community?

Too Mennonite

Mennonite joke, Why was the Amish girl kicked out of her community?

A promiscuous Amish girl was asked....

"What's your favorite sexual act?"
"Two Mennonite"

Did you hear about the Amish woman?

She had two mennonite that drove her buggy

Why was the Amish woman excommunicated?

Too Mennonite.

What is every Amish woman's dream?

Two Mennonite.

How do you please an Amish woman?

Give her two Mennonite

Why did the Amish girl keep getting pregnant?

Too many mennonite.

I was talking to a girl at the bar one night. She said she likes doing it "Amish" style.

2 Mennonite.

Did you hear about the slutty Amish girl?

She slept with two Mennonite.

How do you make an Amish woman happy?

3 Mennonite.

What did the Amish Lady say to the prostitute?

How many Mennonite?

How many men does it take to satisfy an Amish woman?

Two Mennonite

How does a promiscuous Amish woman measure her sexual escapades?

In Mennonite.

You hear about the Amish prostitute?

She slept with 10 Mennonite

How do you keep an Amish woman happy?

Two Mennonite...

Did you hear about the Amish prostitute?

She had 2 Mennonite

What's an Amish girl's greatest fantasy?

Two or three Mennonite

Congratulations, your ears hang as low as an Amish person's.

But can you tie a Mennonite?

What's the best way to get an Amish girl pregnant?

Two mennonite..

Why was the young Amish woman banished from her community?

Two Mennonite

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