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Prince Harry had his Bachelor Party last night in London and here is his "Quote of the Day" from that memorable event:

"It's really weird stuffing money into a stripper's G string when every bill has a photo of your grandmother printed on it."

What's more memorable than a passionate kiss?

A stab wound

Why was William Henry Harrison's inaugural address so memorable?

He had a killer final draft.

Memorable joke, Why was William Henry Harrison's inaugural address so memorable?

A guy wants to take his girlfriend to prom

So he waits in line to buy tickets. It's a long line. He wants it to be a memorable night- he stands in line for hours to get a limo. On his way to pick her up, he stops to buy flowers. Theres a long line here too. When they get to the prom later that night, she suggests they get some punch. He goes to the refreshment table and there's no punch line.

I started a butchering job the other day.

My first job was to crack and pull out duck necks and to make a memorable first day I said

"You know how ducks quack? Well soon enough I'll be quacking their neck"

I'm thinking of a memorable name for my sexual health course

Maybe HIV?

Yeh, that's catchy.

My bank told me to give them a memorable adress.

I said Gettysburg.

Memorable joke, My bank told me to give them a memorable adress.

I don't even remember my college years.

I didn't do any drugs, but I also didn't do anything memorable.

I don't remember most of my college years...

mainly because I didn't do anything too memorable.

If I forget someone's name

Is it my fault, or is their fault for not being more memorable?

Memorable people in my life are like the TSA

They have touched me in places no-one else has.

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Donald Trump promised to make this the most special, memorable, yuge bigly Day ever, better than any other day

He said it shall be known as "Precedence day!"

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