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So I was making this image...

There's this cat, and he's trying to find out how much cheese there is in a gyro. He knows its radius and length, but he asks "I can haz cheez density?"

Yeah, I know, it's not very funny.

I should probably stop using math and feta memes.

Poker is like sex

If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand

Edit 1: when you cheat in poker you have a partner

Edit 2: this is getting more upvotes than I thought it would get but before someone calls me out on it. This was a Mae West quote about bridge and several Internet memes put poker instead of bridge because more people play poker than bridge and when you cheat in poker you have partners(the poker strategy is called collusion)

Why shouldn't you be concerned when your dog slobbers on your Neil Degrasse Tyson poster?

Because pet drool can't melt Neil memes.

Memes joke, Why shouldn't you be concerned when your dog slobbers on your Neil Degrasse Tyson poster?

Dead memes are like dead babies

They never get old.

What are Germans most thankful for on the internet?

Danke Memes

How many dead memes does it take to change a light bulb?

Over 9000.

Where did the memes make their last stand?

The Aylmao.

Memes joke, Where did the memes make their last stand?

What do you get when you cash in your memes for karma?

A dank statement.

What do you call a collection of memes?

A memeoir.

How do you stop an Internet troll?

Seize their memes of production.

i like my memes how i like my burgers...

zesty and full of chutzpah.

: D

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What do Germans look at on the internet?

Danke memes

What kind of memes do Germans like?

Danke memes

All of us had a good time with those Harambe memes

Now the joke is dead because all of you little kids jumped into it.

How are Harambe memes keeping up?

Cincinnati Zoo keeps trying to shoot them down.

A Poem

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Stop memes about Harambe

-Cincinnati Zoo

Memes joke, A Poem

Harambe Memes died just like Harambe himself...

When the little kids jumped in.

Why can't vets use dank memes?

Because they'd get fired for beating a dead horse.

How do memes go to the proms?

In a lmaosine

What's the difference between a monkey flinging poo at the zoo and someone posting political memes on Facebook?

Answer: One is the sad, desparate attempt of a poor creature with little freedom to get attention from strangers, and the other is just something animals at the zoo do when they're bored.


Let's make this a good one boys, I want memes.

Harambe memes have lost their popularity since the election...

People's attention moved away from the death of a gorilla to the election of an orangutan!

I like my memes the way I like my freudian slips

Send dudes

What do Dank Memes, Meseeks, and Lana Del Rey all have in common?

They were all born to die

Popular Memes are like Mass Shootings

People won't stop talking about them until something until another one comes along.

I used to be up to date with memes...

then I took an arrow to the knee

What's the difference between 9gag and a Russian sauna?

One is full of male steam, the other is full of stale memes.

What's the best thing about advertising using Internet memes?

You don't have to spend a 4Chan to get the word out.

In Germany, online jokes can be given as a sign of thanks.

They call them danke memes.

Half my humor is puns, the other half is memes.

The third half is absurdity.

I'm starting to feel that the united airlines memes are like beating a dead horse.

so to save everyone some energy I bought the horse a ticket to fly United.

Advice for dealing with all the Aaron Hernandez memes....

...hang in there, it'll die quicker than you think.

I'm no linguist, but all Germans really appreciate memes.

They always say 'feeling dank'

Researchers used CRISPR to encode a movie onto DNA

Time to create some viral memes

My mom sent her friend a gif via text message.

Said to my mother:"even moms are sending memes now days."
Mother said "its the memeing of life.

What do people who make memes and solar eclipses over the US have in common?

It takes them both 38 years to go all the way.

What's the worst thing about internet communists?

They spend all day trying to seize the memes of production.

A question about Black Twitter memes

Are they considered Dark Humour?

The one who created the memes font really changed the world.

I mean, he really made an Impact.

Where does Hitler get his dank memes?


What do you call remembering memes from 2008?


What do you say to your friend with the best memes?


Why is it so wrong that Kim Kardashian is the most photographed woman on the internet?

Because the end never justifies the memes.

Memes are like children...

at some point you forget about them and then they die

What do you call outdated memes?


Imagine a world without memes

It is memeningless.

I like my people like I like my memes...

high quality, original, and able to make me laugh and think!

I have this weird obsession with old memes...

Bottom Text

Memes have come a long way since they appeared on the internet.

They used to be funny pictures you sent to your friends, now they lead countries.

If they still existed, the Soviet government would have have been the world's lead producer of memes.

They needed to seize the memes of production.

How are memes and your uncle the same?

They are banned from EU.

I don't get all the hype about lamp memes

It's just going to burn itself out

What does a gen Z communist say?

Seize the memes of production!

Memes are like Unvaccinated children,

dead in a week.

Twitter screenshots aren't memes,

They're words of twisdom.

What do we call the art of copying memes?


I am getting real sick of these Anti-Vaxx memes

But that's because I wasn't Vaccinated.

Why are so many young people turning to socialism and communism?

Because then they can seize the memes of production.

Why are African memes the easiest to steal?

Well, none of them have a watermark...

I always have mixed feelings when I see Mad World memes

On one hand, I find it kinda funny...

Joking about Kim jong uns death and corona are kind of the same. First we made memes about it....

....then we either ended up dead or locked inside

My family members are like good memes...

They're all dead

i'm glad the minecraft good fortnite bad trend is over

there's a difference between memes and just telling facts

There are too many "You can't see me" memes out there

I've Cena Nuff'

What's the thing my memes and an antivax kid have in common?

They both die in new

"So I matched with this cute guy on Tinder last night, and we started chatting and sending each other memes and little animations. But then he mentioned that he was an exchange student from Athens, so I ghosted him." "Why?"

"My daddy always told me, 'Beware the Greeks bearing gifs.'"

I was talking to my parents over dinner, my Mom said she was getting tired of the Bernie Sanders memes.

I looked over to her and said "Don't worry, this trend will Bern out soon."

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