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Im surprised that Roy Moore wants a recount; a large gap in numbers had never bothered him before.

Get it?

My girlfriend and I decided to make a sex tape.

But I came too quickly so we made a Vine.

(Saw something similar in a meme so I can't take the credit)

What does a German say when you finally explain a funny meme to him?


Meme joke, What does a German say when you finally explain a funny meme to him?

What do you say when Hitler sends you a spicy meme?


What do you call the misuse of a meme?

A misdememer.

I remember when my mother would tuck me in

She really wanted a daughter

(taken from a front page meme)

My sister said she thought it would be cool to be a meme.

I told her to run for president.

Meme joke, My sister said she thought it would be cool to be a meme.

Where did the memes make their last stand?

The Aylmao.

You thought i would bring up an old meme from 5 years ago?

Nope, Chuck Testa

Mario & Luigi

Mario :- Ey Luigi , whats this funny ol' image called.
Luigi:- It a Meme , Mario

How do memes go to the proms?

In a lmaosine

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If I had a nickel for every gender...

I'd have ten cents and a dead meme

What meme do Uber drivers hate?

Do you even Lyft, bro?

What is the opposite of a meme?

A youyou.

If Robbie Rotten's "We are number one" is a meme..

Does that make one a musical number?

I like my memes the way I like my freudian slips

Send dudes

Meme joke, I like my memes the way I like my freudian slips

Member when "Member Berries" wasn't the main remember meme?

Pepperidge farm remembers.

What's it called when you remember a good meme?

A Memento

What's "meme" in French?


What do you say when a German shares a meme with you?


What's wool's favourite meme?

Cashmere outside, how bow dah?

What does the German say when you show him a good meme?


What does a Muslim meme lord call his naughty girlfriend?

Haram bae.

My family is talking to me about my meme addiction.

They're trying to make me go to REEEEEEEEEhab.

As a North Korean I am offended at this "Can't complain" meme. We can complain

But why get killed?

My dad once asked me what a meme was

* Me: Picture with a caption, usually funny.
* Dad: Who would ever spend this much time making such things?
* Me:me

Germany has allegedly started a new meme sharing website.

It is called *neingag*

Teach a man how to meme and they'll make a few people laugh

Teach a man how to photoshop EA's logo on a picture and he'll get gold.

If I would be a meme it would be Chuck Testa.

I look alive but I've been dead since at least 2011...

What did the dead meme do when someone misused him?

Rick rolled in his grave.

What do you call it when somebody steals a dark souls meme?

A Riposte.

(Tips hat at the Devil)


(Inspired by a comment on a dank meme)

I debated whether or not to post a joke about the recent "what word is being said?" meme

But I've never been one to rest on my yanny's.

What Did The Meme Say To The Dead Meme?

Omae Wa Mou Shindieru

Memes are like children...

at some point you forget about them and then they die

When I die, I'm leaving my vintage meme collection to my son.

My will will simply say you're the man now, dog

Memes have come a long way since they appeared on the internet.

They used to be funny pictures you sent to your friends, now they lead countries.

Need some meme ideas for school project, regarding the 16th century.

Canterbury tales, Shakespeare,Beowulf using these.

I always wanted my life to be a meme.

Dead in a week

Memes are like Unvaccinated children,

dead in a week.

Internet humor is so selfish

It's all about meme meme meme

Is "Schrodinger's Cat" meme dead or alive?

I'm afraid to look.

What do you call a thankful German piece of internet content?

Danke, meme.

What do you get if you cross Shaggy with a cow

No one crosses Shaggy and lives

Sorry thats a dead meme

I'm trying to make a meme on breaking bedrock in Minecraft

But it's way to hard

You know what ruins a meme?

A miner spelling error.

My cake day

I don't have a meme
I've been in quarantine
So I just hope this little rap
Will set you all in snap....
I've been drinking my weight in whisky

I made a meme about communism

But then I realized that to be more accurate it should be called an usus instead of a meme

It's my first cake day

;) i wanted to make a meme but got lazy

(Came up with this one from a meme I just saw) There's a bee in the drawer of my side table that buzzes and makes me think I got a new message on my phone...

Got a bee kiddin me.

There are too many "You can't see me" memes out there

I've Cena Nuff'

Why did the meme about unvaccinated children flop?

It died in new.

What happens when you hear that a meme died in New?

You attend a memeorial service.

What happened to the meme about unvaccinated children?

It died in new.

I made a meme about billionaires and their wealth...

...but I couldn't share it.

Found this one in my 2014 meme stash

A police officer pulled over a car on a deserted highway and told the driver, "Congratulations! You're the first person here today who was wearing a seat belt and now you're entitled to a prize of 1000$. What are you gonna do with your money?"

"Well", replied the man, "I think I'm gonna get a driver's license."

"Oh, Ignore him.", his wife said, "He always speaks nonsense when he's drunk."

"I KNEW IT!", his father bellowed from the backseat, "I KNEW WE WON'T GET FAR IN A STOLEN CAR."

Then came the voice from the trunk, "Are we over the border yet?"

Why would gen z make bad astronauts?

In space no one can hear you meme

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