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Funny Melbourne Jokes and Puns

A tipsy man staggered out of Melbourne Hotel and entered a taxi. "Take me to Melbourne Hotel," he told the cabbie. The cabbie was momentarily confused. They sat in silence for minutes. The cab never moved. Then the cabbie got out, opened the back door and told the guy: "Look. (Pointing)"

"The Melbourne Hotel." "How much for the fare?" "No charge," replied the cabbie. "Thanks. Next time, don't drive so fast!"

An Antarctic explorer has a sore ass from sitting on the ice all day.

Since there's currently no doctor on base, he phones his doctor 5,000km away in Melbourne. The doctor says it's probably just piles, but since I can't examine you, you'd better send a photo just in case it's something more serious.

Worried, the explorer blurts out how the hell do I take a photo of piles on my own butt in the middle of Antarctica?!?

The doctor replies I'd suggest a polarrhoid camera.

What do you call an Extraterrestrial from Melbourne?

An Australien.

What do Spain and Finland have in common?

Their drivers were the first to finish the 2019 Melbourne Grand Prix.

Who is the only person over 60kg to ride a Melbourne Cup winner?

Chris Munce's cellmate.

I learnt that Mel Gibson was born in Australia

Well I guess you could say he was from... -puts on glasses- MELBOURNE

A donkey, a calf and a foal walk into a bar...

Its not a joke, it really happened in Melbourne not that long ago

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