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How does Megatron get away with raw-dogging it?


What did Megatron say to Optimus Prime?

Do you even?

Why did the elf have to play with Mega Bloks?

Because he was Legoless

Mega joke, Why did the elf have to play with Mega Bloks?

I was a megalomaniac, I got therapy, now I'm perfect

I just downloaded a video of Luis Suarez's best moments

It was three mega bites

Really, nobody in America won last night.

The Mega Millions jackpot went up to $63 million.

My friend has a band called "1023 Mega Bytes"

They havn't had a gig yet.

Mega joke, My friend has a band called "1023 Mega Bytes"

Why do elf princes play with Mega Bloks?

Because they're Lego-less

What would happen next MegaCon if everyone bought their tickets, only to enter an empty convention center, and all of a sudden someone jumps out and says..

You've been conned, Mega Conned.

What happens when a computer falls on your head?

It mega hurts.

What do we want!?

Megaphone holder: What do we want!?


Megaphone holder: When do we want it?!


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Megans mom had four children April,May,June whos the last child?


Pastor Caldwell of one of the biggest mega churches has been indicted on 3.million dollar fraud (

Megan Markle's dad won't be at her wedding, so she asked Harry's dad to walk her down the aisle.

Unfortunately, James Hewitt isn't invited, so Prince Charles is doing it instead.

While Megatron was gloating

He committed several acts of vehicular man's laughter

People don't realize that Mega Man is also really good at throwing.

I guess you could say he has a cannon for an arm.

Mega joke, People don't realize that Mega Man is also really good at throwing.

So, there's the Super Bowl. After that, there's the Mega Bowl. Then, after that, there's the Giga Bowl.

Anymore than that, though, would just be Tera Bowl.

For today only, the Mega Millions should change it's name to...


Whoever wins the Mega Millions Jackpot....

… touched me inappropriately 30 years ago.

A local homeless man won the Mega Millions lottery today.

Charles Darwin is said to be on suicide watch.

I won $4 during the Mega Millions lottery today

Please respect our privacy as our family decides how to move forward in this exciting and pivotal moment in time.

Well, Megan Kelly has been fired.

At least we know what her Halloween costume will be.

"Mega-" is a prefix meaning "million"....

...and "micro" is a prefix meaning "millionth".

So, a megaphone would be one trillion microphones.

I saw some people trading cards at school on friday

so I said "I'll trade you my Lebron Crosby EX Mega card for that magic the gathering trap card"

Name the gay dinosaur

The mega soreass

Megan and Harry's future child

If Harry and Megan had a boy and named him "Artist" then changed his name he would be
The prince formerly known as Artist

What did the megabyte say to the kilobyte when he punched him 1 million times?

That giga-hurts!

Random people have started following me on Instagram

I guess I am a fermi influencer now. Soon I will be a micro influencer. Mega influencer seems a little far fetched.

All these mega church pastors in the news getting caught with gay prostitutes is appalling

And has really lowered my opinion of male prostitutes.

A radio went to the doctor

The doctor asked "What seems to be the problem today?

The radio says "It's my transmitter. It mega hertz."

If I won the Mega Millions valued at 750 million today, I would donate a quarter to charity.

Not sure what I would do with the other 749,999,999.75 dollars though.

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