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Funny Meetup Jokes and Puns

A girl said she met me at the vegetarian meetup...

I don't think I've met herbivore.

So 4chan hosted its very first live meetup this week...

I just don't know why they chose Charlottesville as the location.

I went to a local meet-up of Average Joes

...they were all pretty mean.

72 virgins say hi

Get in here doofus! The Reddit Enthusiasts Meetup is about to start!

73 virgins sit down.

I'm starting up a local coffee shop and marketing it as an Ashley Madison meetup spot.

I'm calling it Grounds for Divorce.

I was at a meetup for vegetarians recently

and this lady started talking to me like I knew who she was, but I swear I never met herbivore.

What did the blind man say when he walked past the fish market?

"Is this a tumblr meetup?"

My best friend and I were kicked out of our very first fetish meet-up.

I guess we got off on the wrong foot.

TIFU by mistakenly fornicating with a man at a BDSM meetup who was wearing the same latex bodysuit as my wife

What do a Chinese Lycanthrope and a geek who attends a monthly sci-fi meetup dressed as a Klingon have in common?

They're both wereworfs


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