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Funny Meek Jokes and Puns

God: "The meek shall inherit... Neptune."

The Pope: "What happened to the Earth?"

God: "Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing!"

Which rapper would you rather bring back from the dead?

- Tupac
- Biggie Smalls
- Eazy E
- Meek Mills

The meek little husband came home from work

and found his wife in the arms of a stranger man. Angrily he threw his hat and coat to the floor and screamed.

"So that's the kind of a wife you are! I leave you early in the morning, I work like a dog all day and I come home after midnight and what do I find -- NOTHING TO EAT! That I won't stand for!"

Meek Mill's response

The Bible states...

that when Jesus finally returns to our world, the meek shall inherit the earth. My thought is, what if they don't want it, you know, because they're meek...

You can't spell Meek Mill..

..without two consecutive L's.

DJ Khaled: "Meek Mill, wake up!" Meek Mill: "Why, what's going on?"...


Why wasn't meek mills phone working?

Because it wasn't "charged up"

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