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What kind of cheese did Medusa eat?

Gorgon zola.

What did Medusa call the sheep she turned to stone?


Why did Medusa order pizza?

Her boyfriend was stoned.

Medusa joke, Why did Medusa order pizza?

Medusa is the sexiest woman to ever live...

everyone who saw her got hard

Why did SJWs call out Medusa?

She kept objectifying people.

What do you call a woman who's good at both cheese-making and singing?

Medusa - she does a killer gorgon solo.

Medusa was the hottest woman ever.

Every man who looked at her got rock hard.

Medusa joke, Medusa was the hottest woman ever.

Spent all night being teased by Medusa.

Now I'm hard as a rock.

Why do feminists hate Medusa?

She's always objectifying people.

Who was the sexiest woman in Greek myth?

Actually, it was Medusa. One look from her made guys rock hard.

Why did Medusa have to take sexual harassment training?

Because she wouldn't stop objectifying people.

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Pickup line: Girl, is your name Medusa?

Because you made me rock hard

Have you heard of Mechadusa?

She's like Medusa, but instead of turning people to stone, she turns them into simple machines.

I was skeptical at first... but then I saw her face. Now I'm a big lever.

Who was the hottest female in mythology?

Medusa, she made everyone who looked at her rock hard

Why couldn't Medusa pass a drug test?

Because she was a stoner.

Medusa was so hot

Just looking at her made me rock hard

Medusa joke, Medusa was so hot

I wish Medusa would stop objectifying people

Ba dum, tiss

What does Medusa often say to guys before she turns them to stone?

My eyes are up here.

How did Medusa know she'd grown into a woman?

She grew bush vipers

I don't understand why Medusa has such a bad rep.

Nobody that's met her has ever said anything bad about her.

I wish medusa would

Stop objectifying people

Midas and Medusa went out on a date

It didn't end well, it was a stone-gold relationship.

What's the best weed strain?

Medusa, it always gets you stoned.

Why do people buy weed from Medusa?

To get stoned.

Medusa really loved art.

She was fascinated by still life.

Medusa was the sexiest woman

Everyone got rockhard when they saw her

Who's the one person Medusa cannot turn to stone?

Dwayne Johnson

What did Medusa tell the perv before she turned him into stone?

My eyes are up here

Medusa is so hot

Every time I look at her I'm rock hard

Did you hear about the medusa who was smokin' hot?

One look at her made every man rock hard

Who is the most attractive Greek mythological figure?

I don't know about you, but Medusa always gets me rock hard.

Medusa is so hot

When guys look at her, they instantly get hard

Are you Medusa

Because one look at you and I'm hard forever.

Medusa must have been the sexiest girl to ever exist

All the guys that saw her turned rock hard

Why is Medusa such a good pornstar?

Anyone who looks at her will get rock hard immediately.

Medusa must have some really sexy eyes

I mean they get everyone rock hard

I went out for a drink with Medusa

I ended up getting stoned instead.

I have an unhealthy sexual attraction towards figures in Greek mythology ever since

I laid my eyes on Medusa. Been rock hard ever since.

What does Medusa have in her dating profile?

Beware: I'm drop dead gorgeous.

Little known fact: Medusa was actually incredibly attractive...

Every guy who saw her got hard as a rock immediately.

Me: *staring at Medusa's boobs*

Medusa: "Hey buddy, my eyes are up here."

Me: *already rock hard*

The sexiest mythological creature is Medusa

Whenever I see her I get rock hard

Medusa must have been super hot.

Every guy that looked at her got rock hard.

I was on a date with Medusa

One look into her eyes, and I was hard as a rock.

Why is medusa tha sexiest woman?

One look at her and youre rock hard!

Listen, I'm a simple man

I see Medusa, I

Medusa was the hottest girl ever

Just one look and you were hard forever

Which monster likes weed the most?

Medusa. She's a total stoner.

My friend saw Medusa the other day

At first he was afraid and scared, but now he's petrified at the thought of seeing her!

What did Perseus say after he killed Medusa?

Let's get Kraken.

Why isn't Medusa politically correct?

She is always objectifying people

Medusa is the best drug dealer

One look and I'm stoned

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