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I don't think my girlfriend likes my schizophrenia meds

Because every time I take them she goes away

i went to go tell my best friend about the new schizophrenia meds i got today...

i literally cannot find him anywhere.

I don't mind being back on my meds...

I just think it's sad that at the same time all the dogs in the neighbourhood stopped talking to me.

Meds joke, I don't mind being back on my meds...

I have a lower back tattoo, and in the delivery room they absolutely refused to give me an epidural...

I have a lower back tattoo, and in the delivery room they absolutely refused to give me an epidural (or any pain meds at all).

I asked if the tattoo was the reason, and the anesthesiologist said no, it's because your wife is the one giving birth, not you, sir.

I've spotted six PokΓ©mon today

but I don't have the game so I may need new meds...

Why did Bill Clinton say NO to testosterone meds?

He was afraid of ending up like Hillary.

I started seeing this incredibly beautiful girl.

But then my psychiatrist readjusted my meds.

Meds joke, I started seeing this incredibly beautiful girl.

Hard to swallow

My friend says to me "I'm sick but I'm having a tough time keeping my medicine in me".
"Why don't you try taking it with food like soup or a banana?" I suggest.
A few days later I see him and he's looking a lot better.
"I tried taking my meds with a banana like you said and it worked!" he proclaimed.
"What kind of pills were you taking?" I asked.
"Oh, they weren't pills. They were suppositories."

I dropped my epileptic meds in the washer earlier.

Now my clothes don't fit anymore.

My son, who has ADHD, has been taking meds to help him run faster.

He's now AD480p.

My mom once forgot her meds and tried to drown me in the bathtub.

That made for a really weird 27th Birthday.

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If you're happy and you know it.

It's your meds.

I've been wondering for 30 mins when my adhd meds will kick in,

I guess they never will!

Sometimes, I think I'm the only member of my family not doped up on prescription drugs all the time.

Then I usually take my amnesiac meds.

Here's a really easy way to figure out if you're taking too many meds:

You refer to your medication as 'meds'

Why are there no pharmacies in Africa?

Because you can't take meds on an empty stomach!

Meds joke, Why are there no pharmacies in Africa?

I have Saxdyiel

At least that's what was written on the meds

A poll says that 60% of women take medicine for mental instability.

That means that 40% aren't taking their meds!

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