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Funny Mediterranean Jokes and Puns

Just bought a raffle ticket, top prize a Mediterranean cruise.

Last week's was a rollover

Here's a joke for people in the EU. What differentiates humans for animals?

The Mediterranean Sea.

Here's some dark European humor: what differentiates humans from animals?

The Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean joke, Here's some dark European humor: what differentiates humans from animals?

Did you hear about the guy they found dead at the Mediterranean restaurant?

Yeah, police are calling it a hummus-cide.

What do you call bad Mediterranean food?


Two Italian men are deep sea fishing in the middle of the Mediterranean...

Vinny and Paulo were deep sea fishing on a bright sunny day when a World War II mine came floating along. Upon noticing this round spiky object coming nearer and nearer to the boat, Vinny shouted, "Paulo! It's a mine, it's a mine!!!"

Paulo replied, "Okay Vinny, you can-a have it!"

Whats blue and pretty on top, and brown and kind of a bummer in the bottom?

The Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean joke, Whats blue and pretty on top, and brown and kind of a bummer in the bottom?

who has taken up most refugees

the Mediterranean Sea

A red and blue ship collided in the Mediterranean today.

The survivors are marooned.

I decided to try out a new Mediterranean recipe that takes 2 hours to cook.

I've got a lot of thyme on my hands.

What do Mediterranean volcanoes make for dessert?


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Two sharks are swimming through the Mediterranean.... turns to the other and says:

'I'm getting a bit bored of all this Syrian food, I've heard there's a new Egyptian place just opened up'.

What type of dinosaurs roamed the Mediterranean before the asteroid hit?

Falafel Raptors.


I'm really looking forward to the next stop on my Mediterranean cruise.

The captain said we're just a few clicks out from Harem Bay.

What separates the men from the apes?

The Mediterranean sea

I ate some expired Mediterranean food an hour ago.

I falafel.

Mediterranean joke, I ate some expired Mediterranean food an hour ago.

Which part of Europe took in the most refugees?

The Mediterranean sea

I had Mediterranean food for breakfast

Now I falafel.

What separates animals from humans?

Mediterranean sea

I've always wanted to replace the Mediterranean with orange soda

I guess it's always been my biggest Fanta Sea.

So, you're the leader of a country who wants access to the Eastern Mediterranean, Balkans and Middle East, but you're not able to get it?

Oh, Crimea river.

I've just tried some of the Elvis Costello's new mediterranean sausages.

They were wonderful.
I think olive salami is here to stay.

Im so smart for thinking of this

One guy says to another: Hey, did you know, there's a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea, and it's regarded by Jews, Christians and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land!

The other guy says: I don't believe you, you're talking rubbish.

So the first guy says: No, it isreal!

Elton John

On vacation, Elton John finds himself meandering in a Mediterranean orchard. Spying a tree, Elton decides to relive some boyhood memories and climb a tree, albeit only the first branch.

As Elton sits, his well-heeled (and sparkly) feet dangling, a local boy walks by. Waving, Elton call out, "Would you like anything?"

"Fig!" The boy yells back.

Offended, Elton crosses his arms. "What did you call me?"

"No," the boy replies, pointing, "THAT low hanging fruit!"

Scientists have discovered that white sharks in the Mediterranean are no longer white.

Allegedly it has to do with their food.

How do I introduce my friend Harold, the Mediterranean meat magician?

Gyro wizard, Harry!

What pulls apart humans from animals?

>!The Mediterranean Sea!<

What did the ship's navigator say to the large land lizard passenger when they ask When will we reach the Mediterranean leg of our North African boat tour. ?

After Nile Crocodile

The people on early Mediterranean cities used to enjoy using olive oil as "personal lubricant."

They really loved ancient grease.

Someone from an island in the Mediterranean asked me if I could guess their ethnicity...

...I said Corsican

Are you on the Mediterranean Diet?

Because I see a lot turkey and grease.

What do you call France without the Mediterranean?


Hey man, can you name the denonym for the people living on a French island in the Mediterranean?


One of my friends loves mediterranean food more than anyone I've ever seen

You coul say he's a hummusexual.

Today I lost my cool, when this obnoxious, mediterranean exchange student barged into our art class. I was trying to paint the kiwi fruits we had on display for a still life. Really messed up my painting.

Nobody expects the spanish in kiwi-session.

What comes out of bacon in Mediterranean?


Did you know that Spider-Man has a winter jacket made out of Mediterranean flatbread?

It's a pita parka.

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