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Funny Meditation Jokes and Puns

I've decided to take up meditation.. least it's better than sitting and doing nothing.

I've taken up meditation

It's better than sitting around doing nothing.

I just took up meditation...

It beats sitting around doing nothing.

Meditation joke, I just took up meditation...

I've decided to take up meditation

At least I'm no longer sitting around, doing nothing.

I've been thinking about taking up meditation.

I figure it's better than sitting around doing nothing.

Hey! You know, they've started offering free meditation retreats at the North Pole!

Turns out the Christmas elves are really present minded.

I got furious and smashed my phone

I was getting too many notifications from a meditation app.

Meditation joke, I got furious and smashed my phone

My dentist is a buddhist...

He uses Transcendental Meditation to help us Transcend Dental Medication.

"How do you perform mediation?"

"Meditation? Uuuummmmmmm........"

Three gurus on top of a mountain sit in meditation.

One of them opens his eyes and whispers "Life...", then closes his eyes and keeps on meditating.
Seasons come and go, twenty years pass, then the second guru opens his eyes and whispers " suffering...". Then stops suddenly and dives deep into meditation again.
After another twenty years of meditation the third guru opens his eyes and says "C'mon guys, are we here for chitchat????"

Why are white people afraid to recommend meditation to black people?

It's hard to say Look Inward without sounding racist and condescending.

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My father said that I just sit around doing nothing

So I started doing meditation.

Meditation is great for your mind

Sit down, close your eyes and see for yourself

I saw a long thing with lots of legs doing meditation in my garden.

I was going to make a joke about relaxing meditation techniques...

...but zen again, maybe I won't.

Needed: Meditation Trainer

Apply within

Meditation joke, Needed: Meditation Trainer

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