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Why do green beans meditate?

To find inner peas!

Dude explaining how he made his first $10 million:

1. Get up at 5:00AM every day
2. 90 minutes of cardio
3. Take a cold shower
4. Journal
5. Schedule out your day
6. Dad owns Fortune 500 company
7. Meditate

I taught a wolf to meditate

Now he is aware wolf

Meditate joke, I taught a wolf to meditate

Why did the wolf meditate?

To become aware wolf

While climbing barefoot up mountains to meditate, Ghandi would squeeze garlic into his mouth to deal with hunger pains from fasting

super calloused fragile mystic with extra halitosis

How do electricians meditate?

Ohmmmm, Ohmmmm

If you do these things for 30 days you will be unrecognisable.

1. Sleep 8+ hours everyday.

2. Drink 3L of water minimum daily.

3. Get outside in the sun everyday.

4. No sugar.

5. Read for 30 mins each day.

6. Workout for 1hr 3 times a week

7. Capture someone and cut their face off then sew it onto your face.

8. Meditate for 10 mins everyday.

Meditate joke, If you do these things for 30 days you will be unrecognisable.

Why do Buddhists meditate in front of mirrors?

For optimal self reflection

I taught a wolf how to meditate

Now it's aware wolf

Why does the yogi always meditate under the citrus tree?

It's a sublime spot

How do electricians relax?

They meditate.

They do it after getting all amped up after a long day. It helps organize the mind after getting their wires crossed.

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I taught a wolf to meditate.

Now he's a werewolf.

I have a great idea for a place for kids to go in the summer where they can meditate and relax

These Concentration Camps are going to be huge!

Why do people who meditate say 'ohm'?

They're resisting temptation

Some ascetics were headed into the forest to meditate

and one shouts "hey budd, you gonna come seek enlightenment with us?"

"Namaste right here."

Meditate on the Titanic.

Really let it sink in.

Meditate joke, Meditate on the Titanic.

What do you experience when you meditate inside a Turkish prison?

The deep state.

How does an idiot meditate?

Ummmmmmm... ummmmmmm.. ummmmmm.... ummmmm..

Whenever I meditate, I focus on the ocean.

It gets deep.

What do Alaskans say when they meditate?


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