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Comical Medicinal Jokes and Gems that Will Get You in Laughter Land

Apparently there is bi-partisan agreement in Congress that medicinal m**... should be allowed for the purpose of relieving arthritic pain.

In other words, there is joint support for joint support for joint support.

What Do Pastafarians Smoke?

Medicinal Marinara.

The herb with the most medicinal properties is Thyme...

It heals all wounds.

What did the scientist say after discovering the medicinal content of homeopathic remedies ?

0mg !!!!

A farmer's cows got loose one morning

And made their way down the street to the medicinal m**... farm. The farmhand said to the farmer, "what do we do! They're eating the w**...!" And the farmer replied "I don't know kiddo, but the steaks have never been higher"

I need puns about tea! (Herbal and medicinal tea) for the chalkboard outside my sisters shop. Please help?

Something better than R2Tea2

The second amendment

-Officer this is infringing on the second amendment! The right to lead an organized militia!
-sir this is an A10 warthog and an M1A1 Abrams
-there medicinal

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