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There's a medicine you can buy that apparently cures scepticism.

But I'm not buying it.

How does the medicine in a suppository get absorbed into the body?


I wish there was a medicine that could cure procrastination

Eh, who am I kidding, I'd probably put off taking it.

Medici joke, I wish there was a medicine that could cure procrastination

Best medicine

Patient approached a doctor for incessant cough and doctor prescribed laxative.

Assistant to doctor. Sir, you gave him laxative for cough.
Doctor: Yes, and now he'd think twice before coughing.

What medicine do men take when their privates start hurting?



Jim walked up to Joe who was frantically jumping up and down. So he asked Joe, "what are you doing?" Joe said while jumping, "This bottle says to shake well before use!"

I was once a medicine salesman, but I was soon fired.

I lost my job for not selling drugs.

Medici joke, I was once a medicine salesman, but I was soon fired.

Great dynasties of history

Egypt: Ayyubid

South Africa: Zulu

China: Ming

Greece: Helena

Italy: Medici

U.S.: Duck

There's a new medicine for depressed lesbians.

It's call Tridicksagain.

Why was the medicine man for bald eagles arrested?

He was selling ill-eagle drugs.

What's the best medicine to cure a nymphomaniac?

The taste of wedding cake.

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Why couldn't the Medici family diversify their wealth?

Because in Renaissance times, stocks were bonds.

Why are medicins white?

Because black don't work

Take the medicines if fever reduces it means they involve fever medicine also.

What happens when you take medicine and homeopathic medicine at the same time?

Nothing. Doctors recommend taking pills with water anyway.

What medicine do you give to a depressed cancer patient?


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