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Top 10 Funniest Medications Jokes and Puns

I got my medications mixed up.

I confused my anti-depressant medication with my erectile dysfunction medication. Life just keeps getting harder.

A lady goes to a doctor...

"Doc, I have high fever. Can you give some medications?"

"Just walk in the rain, eat some ice-cream, drink cold-water..."

"What! Will my fever go away then?"

"No, you'll catch Pneumonia. I have the medication for it."


Some guy is smoking in an airport.

"How many cigarettes do you smoke daily, sir?"
"Did you know that if you collected all the money you spend on cigarettes and medications you could buy that plane?
"Well, do you smoke cigarettes?"
"No, sir"
"Do you own a plane?"
"Uhm. No..."
"Well, thanks for the advice. By the way that plane's mine."

The world tennis association just added lisinopril and high blood pressure medications in the same class to their banned substances list...

Ace inhibitors

I work at a place that makes very trendy medications.

It's a hype-othecary.

Apparently NASA once claimed they sent out a message to aliens describing molecules for medications, but actually describes molecules for sugars;

They called it an "Areplacibo message"

I like my women like I like my prescription medications

purchased on the street and inserted anally.

Medications joke, I like my women like I like my prescription medications

After trying many medications, my uncle learned he is only happy when his wife is miserable

He now only takes auntie depressants.

I just found out that 23% of women are taking psyche medications.. I can't believe it...

That means 77% are walking around untreated.

A huge load of medications has been confiscated in Africa...

... they all bore the 'Take with food' label

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