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An chinese dad sees his newborn child and is startled when he realises the kid is clearly white.

He runs to the doctor and asks:

"Doctor, is it even medically possible for me and my wife - both chinese - to have a caucasian-looking baby?"

The doctor, turns to him, thinks for a bit, and replies:

"No. Two Wongs don't make a white."

Medically, what happens to a man if he never masturbates?

Nobody knows.

What do you call it when a physician corrects your punctuation?

A medically induced comma.

Doctor: ""If you gain 5 more pounds, medically, you'll be morbidly obese."

"Do you understand what this means?"

Woman: "Yes, I'm not morbidly obese now."

So my cousin has bieber fever...

Or as it's medically known, Down Syndrome.

I heard it was medically impossible for a quack doctor to make me straight

But my chiropractor managed to realign my spine.

He was kinda cute too.

TFW you're looking for somewhere to go on holiday/vacation.

And "medically induced coma" catches your eye

Medically joke, TFW you're looking for somewhere to go on holiday/vacation.

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