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Funny Median Jokes and Puns

A median and a mode walk into a bar.

The bartender says, I'm glad you dumped your buddy. He's mean.

My co-worker disagreed when I said Median is the best average

He's a mean person!

Statistics humour

The median and the mode walked into a bar. The bartender asks, "Where's your other friend". The median says, "We don't like him anymore. He's mean."

Median joke, Statistics humour

Did you hear about the robot that was angrier than half of the other robots?

It was in mean median mode.

How do statisticians cook their meat?

Median rare.

What do you call it when someone starts acting like an angry center divider?

They're in mean median mode.

The mean, median, and mode walk into a Republican bar

The median says "Wow, this place us really skewed to the right! Me, though, I'm a centrist."

The mode was taller than everyone else and got the most numbers.

Meanwhile, the mean was overly influenced by outliers and got high off to the side.

Median joke, The mean, median, and mode walk into a Republican bar

If Timmy buys 7 apples and eats 5

what is the median velocity of his motorcycle?

What do you call a 5'10" fortune teller parked in the middle of a divided highway?

A medium medium on the median.

A mathematician was crossing the road

when a car blew past 1 foot in front of him and another 1 foot behind him.

He was standing on the Median and died instantly.

statistical joke

I walk up to you and ask
"What's the statistical probability that I could call your mama to divide her median interval??"
It takes you a second, but you realize that there's no variable to that question cuz she's all about my p-value!!!!!!

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