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  1. I lost my job as an architect after my first day Apparently a revolving mosque makes it difficult to pray towards Mecca.
  2. I had to make a difficult decision when arrested at the border on the way to Mecca... I was caught between Iraq and a Hajj place.
  3. To commemorate the disaster in Mecca where a crane fell and crushed pilgrims, Saudi Arabia will build a restaurant at the site. An IHOP: International House of Pancakes.
  4. My friend, Mohammed has been praying in the wrong direction for many years. I don't know what to Mecca this.
  5. After Iran and Saudi Arabia cut ties Iranians stopped praying towards Mecca ... all their prayers are going to go to Spam anyway
  6. Sunrise should have marketed Gundam better in the middle east. I mean, Muslims love mecca!
  7. Mecca should turn into a transformer in the next transformer movie They'll name it Meccatron
  8. Why couldn't the Dukes of Hazard visit Mecca? Because that's just a little bit more than Allah will allow.
  9. A Crane crashed in Mecca, Killing over 187 People. They were facing some serious Meccanical issues

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Mecca One Liners

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  1. What do you call a group of muslims that turn into a giant robot? A mecca
  2. Where do Rastafarian Muslims go to pray? Ja-mecca
  3. What do you call Shakespeare's works in Mecca? Islamic pentameter
  4. What is a muslims favorite food? Mecca-roni and cheese
  5. How much of Mecca did the Muslims retake after their rise as a religion? Allah-f it
  6. What is it called when a cowboy goes to Mecca? A yeehawd
  7. What does the Army call it's Muslim infantry units with vehicles? Mecca-nized infantry.
  8. Where do Muslims go on a weekend? To Mecca Bingo.
  9. Why was the w**... salesman so good at business in mecca Because he got his profits high

Mecca joke, Why was the w**... salesman so good at business in mecca

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One day, the pope's assistant comes up to him with good news and bad news

The Pope asks him what's the good news first.
"We have Jesus Christ himself on the phone"
and then the Pope thinks to himself, well how could there be bad news? Jesus is calling him! Naturally curious, he asks for the bad news.
"He's calling from Mecca."

Mecca joke, What is it called when a cowboy goes to Mecca?