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Funniest Meaty Short Jokes

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  1. What do you call an overweight average ogre eating beef flavored yogurt? A mediocre meaty ogre eating meaty yogurt.
  2. if a fat doctor gives you a vasectomy, why should you ask him about the weather? because he's a meaty urologist!
  3. What's the difference between a weatherman and an overweight doctor that handles the urinary tract? One's a meteorologist and the other's a meaty urologist.
  4. What do you call an overweight kidney doctor who can also predict the weather? A meaty-urologist
  5. So I invented a new beef and vegetable recipe, but it wasn't so great... It was meaty-okra.
  6. Meaty Urologist joke By the way, why are all the weather forecasts on television given by meaty urologists?
  7. I made some gumbo with only okra and sausage. It wasn't good and it wasn't bad. It was meaty okra.
  8. I made my special sausage-and-okra stew this evening. Asked my wife how it is and she said, Eh, it's meaty okra.
  9. My friend claims that he can make the best red paint you've ever seen out of raw beef It looks great, but it's only meaty ochre
  10. The doctor who checked my prostate looked like he spent five days a week at the gym. So I asked him what the weather was going to do... ...he was clearly a meaty urologist.

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Meaty One Liners

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  1. What do you call a fat doctor who can predict the weather? A meaty urologist.
  2. I knew a fat doctor once, who was obsessed with the weather. He was a meaty urologist.
  3. What the food critic say after eating Shrek? "He was just meaty ogre"
  4. People say Shrek was a great character I thought he was meaty ogre.
  5. What do you call a fat weatherman A MEATY-orologist.
  6. I found the perfect hotel between a Motel 6 and a Super 8. It's called the Meaty Inn.
  7. Why do celestial bodies row so sluggishly? Because of the meaty oars
  8. What do you call a buff tree enthusiast? Meaty oaker.
  9. What do you call not bad, not good brown beef? Meaty-ochre
  10. What do you call a hamburger that studies the urinary tract? A Meaty Urologist
  11. What do you call bad black paint made out of meat? Mediocre meaty ochre.
  12. Why are sumo wrestlers so effective at conflict resolutions? They're meaty asians.
  13. What's a carnivorous pirate's favorite space object? A Meaty-arrrrrrgh
  14. Wife fixed beef w/ stewed veggies last night It was meaty-okra
  15. What do you call a fat weather man that studies p**...? A meaty-urologist

Meaty joke, What do you call a fat weather man that studies p**...?

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s**... joke I made when I was young

What do you call a fat monster who's okay-at-best at his job?
Meaty ogre

What do you call a buff guy who predicts the weather and can treat a UTI?

A meaty urologist.

BONUS (courtesy of my girlfriend)

What do call someone who's available 24/7 and treats cancer?
An always oncologist.

What's the difference between a dead h**... and a meaty sausage?

*I don't grind up sausages.*

What's the difference between a good burger and a shooting star?

One is very meaty and the other one is a little meteor

I cooked dinner last night.

It was gumbo I made with only sausage and okra. It wasn't good or bad .
It was meaty okra.

Why did the chubby kidney doctor go to the weather convention?

He heard they were looking for meaty urologists.

I went to see my obese doctor about a burning sensation when i pee.

My morbidly obese doctor gave me medicine and told me on monday there will be a chance of warm sprinkles with a little bit of precipitate. Tuesday through thursday it will cool off and by friday the conditions down there will be clear and normal.
He's quite the meaty urologist.

Meaty joke, I found the perfect hotel between a Motel 6 and a Super 8.