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A man walks into a bar and sees a man that looks like Adolph Hitler

sitting at the end of the bar. He walks up to him and asks "are you really Hitler?" The man stands up and says loudly, "Ja, ich bin Adolph Hitler. I killed 6 million Jews and 1 Mexican." The man says, "wait, why did you kill a Mexican?" Hitler says "Sehen Sie! See? That is what i mean, no one cares about the jews."

You know what, I'm starting to think the wall might be a good idea.

I mean, China built one and I don't see any Mexicans over there.

If Trump actually does build the wall, I hope he makes it an effective one...

If Trump actually does build the wall, I hope he makes it an effective one, like the Wall of China. I mean, there are practically no Mexicans in China.

I refuse to tell jokes about mexicans

Just because they cross lines, doesn't mean I will too.

if Canadians say "aye" and Mexicans say "si"...

does that mean Americans say "b"?

What's a gay guy's favorite city in Africa?


(It helps to know that the capital of Mozambique is Maputo and "puto" is a homophobic slur meaning "gay male prostitute" in Mexican Spanish.)

Jokes are a fun way to learn about the world!

My mom was complaining that I shouldn't have picked up Spanish in college...

And my Mexican dad goes: no! Spanish is quite easy. I mean look, if the *mexicans* managed to learn it...


What is the real meaning of the American Dream?

When all the black people swim back to Africa with a Mexican under each arm

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